tpl: opens doors to opportunities

A beam of light shines from a set of open library doors. Around the doors is an archway with gryphons on either side. A group of people are moving toward the open doors and into the library. The words tpl: opens doors to opportunities appears on the graphic.

With 100 Toronto Public Library branches in every neighbourhood, bookmobiles crisscrossing the city, and a wide range of services and resources available on our website, TPL is everywhere. And our door is open for you. Visit your library, in person or online, to create, connect, and get inspired in ways you may have never expected. Keep reading to find out how you can explore your curiosities and discover new ones at the library. To learn even more, speak with staff in person, by phone or online!

Can't find what you're looking for? We can help! Please get in touch, visit a branch or explore our website to get started.