Computer Learning Centres

Learning Centres are computer labs where you can take hands-on technology classes. When classes are not in session, the computers are available for anyone to use.


Learning Centres offer classes on computer skills, software, and online content and services.

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Learning Centres with design and editing tools

The following library branches have Learning Centres with enhanced hardware and software for digital learning and creation, including Adobe Creative Suite.

Computers at these locations can be reserved for up to 2 hours per day.

Hardware and software

  • Hardware

    • PCs with upgraded RAM and video cards to support graphics-heavy use
    • Epson V600 photo, negative, slide and document scanner
  • Photo editing software

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Bridge
    • Gimp
  • 3D design software

    • Autodesk 123D Design
    • OpenSCAD
    • Sculptris
  • Graphic design software

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Inkscape
  • Video editing software

    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe After Effects
  • Desktop publishing software

    • Adobe InDesign
    • MS Publisher
  • Audio editing software

    • Adobe Audition
    • Audacity

Standard Learning Centres

Computers at these Learning Centres have internet access and Microsoft Office software. The computers can be reserved for up to 1 hour per day.