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Open data hackathon, where a number of tables are placed around a well-lit round room with large windows running along the length of the wall. Outside the windows is a modern city streetscape. The tables in the room are large and seated at each table are 4 to 5 people working on their computers. The table in the foreground has people thinking and discussing, with their computers placed in front of them with sticky notes covering one side of the table. Coffee cups and a rolled up black jacket are also on the foreground table.

Open data is a global movement to make public information more accessible. Toronto Public Library makes library data sets freely available to the public and provides programs and community events that promote open data.

What is open data?

Open data is data that is free to use, easy to share, accessible and creates community engagement.

The concept of open data is part of a growing global movement to make public information more accessible. Providing information to the public through open data programs is intended to lead to more accessible, accountable and transparent government.

Open data is used to address social inequality, building smart city projects such as the best traffic routes and is also used to find great hiking trails. The possibilities are endless in what you can do with open data.

Providing open data further demonstrates how libraries are leaders in information sharing and championing civic engagement.

Open data sets

Toronto Public Library’s open data sets are published on the City of Toronto’s Open Data Portal.

Toronto Public Library data sets available include:

Past events

Reading lists


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