Supporting Canadian Authors & the Publishing Industry

As the world's busiest urban public library system, Toronto Public Library plays a crucial role in supporting Canadian authors and the publishing industry. Our collections, programs and services regularly introduce Canadians to new titles and authors, both within our 100 branches and through our online platforms, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the library. We recognize our impact is not limited to borrowing materials, as many of our customers also purchase their own copies, further fueling sales and contributing to the success of Canadian authors and the publishing industry.

Just as importantly, we have significant purchasing power. In 2021 alone, Toronto Public Library spent $21.4 million on buying titles in all formats. That same year, Canadian public libraries as a whole spent more than $70 million on new titles┬╣. When purchasing materials, we give special consideration to items with Canadian content by Canadian authors, that record the Canadian experience or that relate to life in Canada or the lives and works of Canadians. This commitment helps support a vibrant publishing industry and gives Canadian authors more opportunities to be recognized and compensated for their work.

As champions of Canadian literature, public libraries actively showcase authors and their works through collections, programs, booklists, and promotions. Canadian authors whose works are in public libraries are eligible to receive yearly payments though the Public Lending Right program, which sends yearly payments to more than 18,000 Canadian authors when their works are borrowed through libraries. Authors can also apply for Payback, an annual royalty program by Access Copyright.

Overall, Toronto Public Library and all public libraries in Canada play an essential role in supporting Canadian authors and the publishing industry. By introducing readers to new works and investing in Canadian content, we ensure that Canadian authors receive recognition and compensation for their contributions to the literary landscape.