Printing & Photocopying

You can print at any library branch. All branches except Todmorden Room offer photocopying.


Black and white $0.15
Colour photocopying** $0.55

*Double-sided counts as two pages.

**Colour photocopying is only available at Toronto Reference Library, 5th floor.

Colour printing is not currently available.

How to pay

To pay for printing and photocopying, you need to add money to a copycard account. You can do this online or at any library branch.

  1. Go to the Copycard Payment Service.
  2. Sign in with your library card number and PIN.
  3. Choose the amount of money to add to your account. (The maximum is $50.00.)
  4. Pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express).

You can also add money to your copycard account at a library branch. Speak to staff for help.

How to print

Submit a print request

You can do this anywhere you have an internet connection - including from home before you go to the library.

NOTE: Encrypted PDFs such as some fillable government forms cannot be printed successfully using your mobile device/home computer. Please visit a branch and use a library computer to print encrypted PDFs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Once you have submitted a request, you can print it at any printer in any library branch.

  1. If this is your first time printing at the library, make sure you activate your copycard account (see steps above).
  2. Go to the Online Printing Service.
  3. Sign in with your library card number and PIN.
  4. Select Click Here to Print to advance to the next screen.
  5. Choose the file or web page you want to print.
  6. Select options (paper size, duplex, orientation).
  7. Click Continue to submit your request.

You can go to a library printer and print your request right away, or wait and do it anytime during the next 48 hours. (After 48 hours, the request is deleted from the Online Printing Service.)

Sign in at the printer

Go to the printer at any library branch.

  1. On the digital console beside the printer, sign in with your library card number and PIN.
  2. Choose your print job and select Print.