Children's Books

Find the right books for your child's age and reading level.

Picture books for younger children

Birth to age 5 or 6

Illustrated books with no text at all, simple sentences, or more advanced text. Includes alphabet books, counting books, and books teaching concepts.

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Beginning readers

Age 6 to 7 (Grades 1 and 2)

Books for very early (emergent) readers - these are illustrated books with widely-spaced print and basic, repetitive vocabulary to help kids who are new to reading develop and practise their skills.

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Easy-to-read stories

Age 7 to 8 and older (Grades 2 to 3)

"Easy-to-read stories" are for children who are ready to start reading chapter books. These books have some illustrations (often in black and white) and use a larger print size than chapter books for older readers.

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Picture books for older children

Age 7 and up (Grade 2 and up)

Children love to be read to, even when they've outgrown the simpler picture books. These books have more text, tell more complex stories, and require a longer attention span.

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Fiction for older children

Age 9 and up (Grade 4 and up)

Chapter books for older children.

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