Lobbying Disclosure Information

As part of the Toronto Public Library Board's commitment to transparency, Board Members publicly disclose when they have been subject to lobbying in accordance with the Library's Lobbying Disclosure for Board Members Policy.

The policy requires lobbyists to complete a Lobbying Discussion Memorandum before they can lobby a Board Member. Once Board Members receive the completed form from the lobbyist they are free to discuss the issue(s) the lobbyist wants to raise. Afterwards, Board Members must complete a Lobbying Disclosure Form which provides information about the lobbyist and a general description of what the lobbyist said or wrote.

Board Members must make disclosures as soon as practical. If a Board Member was not aware beforehand that a meeting would make them subject to lobbying, the Member will obtain and submit a completed Proposal Discussion Memorandum, and Lobbying Disclosure Form, as soon as practical.

Members of the public wishing to meet with the Board members regarding the procurement of goods and services should also review information about Doing Business with the Library.

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