Lobbying Disclosure for Board Members Policy

Effective Date: May 26, 2014

Policy Objectives

To provide a practice that requires Library Board Members to disclose when they have been subject to lobbying so that the conduct of Board Members remains open and transparent.

Underlying Principles

Toronto Public Library is a publicly funded institution governed by a Board of citizen members and City of Toronto Council members. In order to fulfill their role in ensuring that the Library responds to the ever changing needs of City residents, Board Members give careful consideration to communications they receive from members of the public, participate in community meetings and meet with those interested in influencing Library policies, practices and purchases. The Library understands that:

Policy Statement

Board Members must make a disclosure when they have been subject to lobbying and to make these disclosures open and available to the public.

When Board Members receive communications from, or meet with, people attempting to influence Board Members in the exercise of their powers and duties under the Public Libraries Act, Board Members must make disclosures using the process outlined in this policy.


This policy applies to Board Members when they are subject to lobbying outside of a competitive procurement process being conducted by the Library.

Within the period of a competitive procurement process, the Lobbying Disclosure for Requests for Proposals and Tender/Quotation Calls Policy and Procurement Processes Policy apply in regards to lobbying.

This policy does not apply to:


This policy applies to Library Board members only.


"Lobbying" for the purposes of this policy, means oral or written communications by an individual, corporation or organization (including a business, trade union or non-profit organization) with a Member of the Library Board, in order to influence the member in the exercise of his or her powers and duties under the Public Libraries Act including, but not limited to the following subject matter:

"Lobbyist" means any person engaged in lobbying as defined in this policy.

The term "lobbyist" includes, but is not limited to the following:

"Local Board" means a city board, transportation commission, board of health, police services board, planning board, or any other board, commission, committee, body or local authority established or exercising any power under any Act with respect to the affairs or purposes of one or more municipalities, excluding a school board and a conservation authority.

Specific Directives


The Toronto Public Library Board is accountable for the implementation of this Policy.