The purpose of this register is to meet requirements for Board Members to declare conflicts of interest as outlined in Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50 (the Act). The Act requires Board Members to declare conflicts of pecuniary interests, direct or indirect, of a Board Member, a Board Member's parent, spouse, or child and certain businesses a Board Member has a stake in, as defined in the Act.

Amendments to the Act came into effect March 1, 2019 requiring Board Members to file written disclosures (PDF) of conflicts of interest declared under the Act. As per the Act, Board Members must declare a conflict of interest at the beginning of the meeting, on arrival at the meeting, or if not present at the meeting, at the next meeting attended.

Conflicts of interest can be declared either under the Act or under the Toronto Public Library Code of Conduct, which contains a broader definition of conflicts of interest. All declarations of conflicts of interest are recorded in the minutes of the Toronto Public Library Board. Only conflicts of interest declared under the Act are recorded in this register.

Submitted Declarations

2022 (PDF)

2021 (PDF)

2020 (PDF)

2019 (PDF)

For information please contact the Secretary of the Board.