Virtual Interview Rooms

Woman smiling while sitting in front of a computer during a virtual meeting

Virtual Interview Rooms are quiet, welcoming library spaces that job seekers can book to participate in virtual job interviews. The spaces can also be used to practice video-conferencing skills before the interview.

Locations and hours

The Virtual Interview Room located at Malvern Branch is available on:

The Virtual Interview Room located at North York Central Library, 4th floor is available on:

How to book

Please call or visit North York Central Library 4th floor (416-395-5613) or Malvern Branch (416-396-8969) to book a Virtual Interview room. The rooms can be booked for two-hour intervals. Please note: If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of your booking start time, the room may be given to another customer.

A library card is not required to use this room. We encourage everyone to get a library card in order to access related resources such as library materials and online resources (e.g., LinkedIn Learning).

What's included

The Virtual Interview Room includes:

A session can be booked in advance to practice your video-conferencing skills.

Available equipment

Contact us

The Virtual Interview Room at the North York Central Library is generously supported by The Sorbara Family.

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