Adult Literacy Collections

Adult literacy collections are available at 55 branches of the Toronto Public Library. The collections are designed for adults who are working to improve their reading, writing and math skills.

The reading levels in the collection range from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and includes a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction materials.

For Learners

Our collections for learners include books for nearly every purpose and skill level.

Educational reading: Atlases, dictionaries and workbooks on math, reading, vocabulary, writing and life skills.

Leisure reading: Fiction and non-fiction written at all levels, including basic books written in clear language, with pictures to help the reader understand the text.

Inspirational reading: Autobiographies, fiction and poetry, written by other adult learners based on their life experience.

For Tutors

Our collections include books on teaching math, writing, spelling and other topics. We also have books on the principles of adult learning, teaching strategies, and adapting or creating learning materials.


These compilations were created by adult literacy learners in Toronto to commemorate International Literacy Day.



If you need any help finding resources, please contact:
Laura Freeman, Adult Literacy Senior Services Specialist