These locations have theatres available for rental:

Booking a theatre

Priority Bookings in June

Each June, theatre booking requests for dates in the following calendar year (January to December) are accepted.

For more information call the Room Booking Unit at 416-397-5969.

Regular Bookings

For people who didn't make a booking request in June, call the Room Booking Unit at 416-397-5969 to check for remaining dates.

Completing a Booking

Once the library receives a request, staff will check the availability and place a tentative booking for you. You will then receive a contract that you must return with payment within 10 calendar days of the tentative booking and with a minimum of two months before the first booking to confirm the booking.


Payment for the first booking and any bookings in the current month is due when you return the signed contract. If you have booked for multiple months, payments for those months are due at the beginning of each month.

Type of Organization Theatre Rate
Non-profit groups Fairview or York Woods $436.77/day
  Palmerston $218.38/day
Commercial Fairview or York Woods $170.33/hr
  Palmerston $170.33/hr