Footprints of the Hound

Book: Hound of Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles, published in 1901, marked the reappearance of Sherlock Holmes eight years after Arthur Conan Doyle, having tired of his most popular character, killed him off. It has remained the most popular, and perhaps the best, of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

"Sherlock Holmes" (Mr. William Gillette), caricature by 'Spy' - Sir Leslie Ward, 1907

Footprints of the Hound celebrates the centenary of the re-emergence of Holmes, along with the thirtieth anniversary of the opening to the public of Toronto Reference Library's Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. The emphasis of the exhibit is the Hound, but also included are items related to Conan Doyle, his other works and interests, and the many appearances of Sherlock Holmes in a variety of formats by many other authors.

Sherlock Holmes D.T. Musical score of a music-hall song for voice and piano, c1901

Manuscripts - some on loan from other institutions and private collectors - and rare editions are mixed in with magazines, posters, illustrations, advertisements, family photographs, children's material and Sherlockian bric-a-brac. Together they give an overview of the world of Arthur Conan Doyle and his great creation, Sherlock Holmes.