Adventures with Sherlock Holmes — Professor Moriarty and Reichenbach Falls

Illustration - The Death of Sherlock Holmes

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle
Illustration by Sidney Paget
London: G. Newnes

The frontispiece of this first edition shows Sidney Paget's iconic image of Holmes and Moriarty's struggle at Reichenbach Falls.

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Sherlock Holmes battled many different kind of villains during his long career, from petty thieves to murderers to Nazis, but when Arthur Conan Doyle decided to put an end to Holmes in order to work on other projects, he knew that the Master Detective could only be challenged by a Master Criminal. Enter Professor James Moriarty. Although Moriarty only appears in one story, "The Final Problem," his legend looms large in the minds of fans. Holmes' struggle with Moriarty at Switzerland's picturesque Reichenbach Falls is an end worthy of the theatrical detective. However, Holmes is ultimately shown to have bested both Moriarty and the falls.

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Chute Supérieure du Reichenbach dans la vallée d'Ober-Hasli
Gottfried Engelmann (1788-1839)
Berne: C. Rourgeois

Lithograph from Vues de Suisse. Etching of Reichenbach Falls.

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Adventures with Sherlock Holmes: Professor Moriarty and Reichenbach Falls