Publisher’s Choice — Athletics

photo of Terry Fox running

Title: Terry Fox running across Canada to raise money for cancer research.

Photographer: Boris Spremo

Date: July 30, 1980

Publisher’s Comments: This shot by the great Star photographer Boris Spremo captures all the hardship and heart-break of Terry Fox’s incredible endeavour as well as its extraordinary heroism. We tell young photographers never to shoot peoples’ backs. Nobody ever told Boris anything about taking pictures.

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photo of Paul Henderson

Title: Paul Henderson jumps for joy after scoring the winning goal in the 1972 Canada-U.S.S.R. hockey series.

Photographer: Frank Lennon

Date: September 28, 1972

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photo of Joe Carter

Title: First baseman Joe Carter leads the celebration of the 1992 Blue Jays World Series win.

Photographer: Mike Slaughter

Date: October 24, 1992

Publisher’s Comments: I feel happy anytime I see Joe Carter’s huge grin and that grin is the crowning glory of this beautifully composed photo. I still get a rush of Canadian nationalism when I see that celebration on the baseball diamond of the first time Toronto won the World Series.

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photo of ice skaters

Title: Skaters outside Toronto’s Old City Hall in 1963.

Photographer: Norman James

Date: April 30, 1963

Publisher’s Comments: I had no idea that there had been skating outside the Old City Hall building just as there is for the new one. In this case, it’s on the top of a truck’s flatbed. It captures something quintessential about life in our city.

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