Flight: A Thrilling History of an Idea

TD Gallery, Toronto Reference Library
July 13 to September 22, 2013

First there were the birds
Floating and gliding, effortlessly aloft.
We watched and studied. We wanted to fly too.

Then came the stories – of gods with wings, dragons darkening the sky,
Angelic visitors, fairies and other creatures.
But we were still earthbound.

Finally, Invention! We toiled in our workshops and laboratories
Sewing silk balloons, and soldering wing joints.
Then ... we soared like gods!

And still, there are the birds, flying above our dreams and aspirations.

The inspiration for this exhibit is Flight – the buoyant, thrilling history of an idea. Using the rare and special collections of the library, this exhibit brings together images of flight, both real and fantastical, presenting the possible and impossible. We invite the viewer to journey from inspiration to imagination to invention.

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