Account Notifications

Notification methods

You can choose to be notified by email or telephone (but not both).

Notification via TTY (telephone service for the deaf) is also available.

Notification types

You will receive the following notifications:

eBook hold notifications are managed separately through the OverDrive service.

Manage your notification settings

To choose how you want to be notified or update your contact information, go to the Email, phone & notifications section in your account settings.

  1. Choose Email or Telephone.
  2. Add or update your email address and phone number.
  3. If you select email, you can check the box below to receive additional updates from the library including the latest news, upcoming programs, and newest titles.
  4. Click Save Changes.
  5. If you have added or updated your email address, follow the steps for email address confirmation.

Email notification

Help with email notification:

Telephone notification

Telephone numbers we will call

The library will make notification calls to the following telephone area codes:

Problems with telephone notification

If you are not receiving your telephone notifications, here are two things to check:

Unfortunately, our telephone notification system seems to experience difficulty with certain types of messaging systems. If you are having ongoing problems receiving telephone messages from the library, the best solution is to change to email notification if you can.