Location and Availability of Items

When you look up an item on the library website, information about where copies are available displays at the bottom of the item detail page.

There are two important pieces of information to check:


Branch names are links that you can click to find out where the branch is located, when it's open, and how to get there.

Holdable Storage

For some items, you may see "Holdable Storage" listed as a branch location.


Here are the different messages you may see in the "Status" column and what they mean:

Statuses for Copies of Library Material
Status Available? Explanation
In Library Yes On the shelf at the library branch. Note: it's always a good idea to call the branch to confirm that the item is there.
Returned Yes Recently returned to the branch. The item may not be back in its usual shelf location yet. If you can't find it, please check with staff.
On Order No The library has ordered this item.
In Transit No On its way from one library location to another.
On Hold Shelf No Reserved for a customer and waiting to be picked up.
On Loan No On loan to a customer. The person who has the item may return it by the due date specified or keep it longer if the item can be renewed.
Not Available - Search In Progress No Location unknown; staff are looking for it.
Being Fixed/Mended No Staff are making repairs to this item.
Display Area No Part of a display and not in its usual shelf location.
Storage No In storage, possibly because it is an extra copy or seasonal material.
Workroom No Item is being used by staff.
New Shelf Yes On the new titles shelf and not in its usual shelf location.
Bindery No Item is being bound.
Conservation No Item is in use by the library's Conservation staff.
Digitization No Item is currently being scanned to create a digital copy.
External Display No On display at an organization outside of the library.
Photography No Item is being photographed for digitization.
TD Gallery No On display in the TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library.