Expired Library Cards and Digital Access Cards

Library cards and Digital Access Cards expire once a year. You may renew your card online (if eligible) or visit a library branch in person to renew your card.

How to tell when your card expires

If you do not have access to your account online, please contact us and staff can check the status of your account.

What happens when your card expires

Your card expires at midnight EST on the expiry date. Once it has expired, you will not be able to:

Note: If you know your card is expiring soon, ask staff for help.

How to renew your card

Leading up to or after the expiry date you can renew your card:

  1. Online. If you are eligible for online card renewal, click on the link provided in your account.
  2. In person at any library branch. Be sure to bring your identification.

If you are not eligible for online card renewal and can't visit a branch right away, contact us - staff can extend your expiry date for up to 1 month to give you more time.

If you have charges owing, pay online or at any branch. All outstanding charges must be paid before your card can be renewed.

Why do cards expire?

Toronto Public Library cards expire annually to allow us to: