Wi-Fi Hotspots

Toronto Public Library's Wi-Fi Lending program provides Wi-Fi hotspots to customers who do not have Internet access at home.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending program is currently being offered only through referrals from participating agencies in the City’s Community Coordination Plan. All hotspots have been allocated at this time. Wi-Fi Hotspots will return to being loaned from library branches in early 2021.

How the service works

What data plan do the hotspots come with?
Participants have an unlimited monthly data plan.
How long do participants get to keep the hotspots?
Six months. The hotspot must be returned to the branch where it was borrowed.
Are there overdue fines?
No. The device will be disabled after six months and must be returned to the branch where it was borrowed.
What if people lose the hotspot?
There is a replacement fee of $199 for a lost or damaged device, along with the fee for any related equipment (for example, USB cable or charger).
Will the library monitor participants' internet use?
No, TPL doesn't monitor, collect, or store data about users' internet activity.


Why TPL is loaning hotspots

Internet access has become an essential part of the services libraries should provide. We are already hubs for free internet, with line-ups of people often waiting to use in-branch computers to look for jobs, check email, study or fill out government forms.

The CRTC reports that only 59 percent of low income households have internet access at home. People who do not have internet access at home are at a disadvantage, and we have a role to play in helping to close the digital divide.