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Microform readers are presently housed only at the Toronto Reference Library, North York Central Library and Cedarbrae Library.

At North York Central Library, two ScanPro readers are housed in the Society and Recreation Department on the third floor, and one is housed in the Business, Science & Technology Department on the fourth floor. The ScanPro microfilm/fiche readers allow customers to obtain a photocopy of a document or scan and save it to a USB drive.

At Toronto Reference Library, the ScanPro readers are housed in the following departments: Arts, Business, Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Science, Language and Literature, Special Collections and the Toronto Star Newspaper Room. Only the first floor does not have a reader.

Cedarbrae has a ScanPro reader which enables customers to view the Local History materials or to order microfilms and fiches via interlibrary loan and view them near home instead of having to go downtown.