Recording Studios

Our free-to-use recording studios provide equipment and software for you to work on audio and video projects. Create a podcast, record a song, shoot a commercial or work on a video for school.

Locations with a recording studio

How to book a recording studio

Reserve by calling the branch. Also available on a first-come, first-served basis during library open hours.

Guidelines for using recording studios

The purpose of the room is for audio and video production. If you need to edit your project, please book a computer in a Digital Innovation Hub.

Equipment & Software

For more details, call the branch

Programs & Classes

All programs and classes are free, but registration is required.

Audio recording and editing classes

Learn how to produce your own songs with beginner-friendly software (e.g. Garageband) and more advanced tools. Or learn how to get started podcasting.

Audio Recording and Editing Classes

Video recording and editing classes

Introduce yourself to video-editing software (e.g. Adobe Premiere, iMovie) and learn how to make use of our green screens.

Video Recording and Editing Classes