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吃喝玩樂在台酒 : 精釀台灣生活味的13間酒廠 / Chi he wan le zai tai jiu : jing niang tai wan sheng huo wei de 13 jian jiu chang

By: 李幸紋, 黃翎翔, 李佩芬, 程芷盈, 李麗娟, 楊為仁撰稿
By: Li, Xingwen (tai wan shi di), wen zi zuo zhe.
Contributors: Huang, Lingxiang, wen zi zuo zhe. ; Li, Peifen (guan guang zuo zhe), wen zi zuo zhe.
Book, 2020, 207 mian : cai tu ; 22 gong fen.

ISBN: 9789869472562 ; 9869472567

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