Centennial Branch Renovation

Image credit: Courtesy of: McCallum Sather Architects Inc and Ken Fukushima Architecture

2019 brought a big news for the Centennial Branch! The branch will be completely rebuilt and remain on the same site, in front of the Herbert H. Carnegie Arena. Toronto Public Library has retained Ken Fukushima Architecture jointly with McCallum Sather Architects Inc. to design the new branch. The branch will more than double in size from 6,869 sq. ft to 15,000 sq.ft. and will be Toronto Public Library’s first Net Zero branch!

In early 2020, the design work has been completed. A Big Thank You to all the public who participated in the consultation process - your feedback was very valuable!

About the renovation

The reconstruction and expansion of the branch will:

Next Steps

City approvals and building permits.

We're interested in your ideas and opinions regarding the Centennial Branch Renovation & Expansion Project. Tell us what you think!