Bayview Branch Renovation

Image credit: Courtesy of: MJMA Architects

Fantastic news for the Bayview Village branch community!

Toronto Public Library has partnered with the City of Toronto in the joint use facility currently under construction behind the Bessarion Subway station. This facility will feature a community and aquatic centre, daycare, in addition to a larger, enhanced Bayview Branch.

With this move, the new branch will expand to 13,000 square feet, almost doubling in size, and will feature library services not possible in its current location.

In 2016 the Library, in partnership with the City of Toronto, conducted a number of community consultation initiatives, including an Open House to get public input into site design and plans.

Based on feedback from residents and other community stakeholders, the enhanced branch will:

The existing branch will remain open at the current location during the construction phase, which is on track for completion by the early part of 2022.

The project team regularly communicates and reports to all stakeholders at key milestones throughout the project.

We are interested in your ideas and opinions regarding the Bayview Branch Expansion and Relocation Project. Tell us what you think!