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What is the TD Summer Reading Club and when does it start?

The TD Summer Reading Club is an inclusive, bilingual program that strives to engage all children in the joy of reading during the summer months while championing Canadian writers and illustrators. The library offers free programs, activities and reading recommendations for children throughout the year and around the Club's theme during the summer.

Starting June 23 you can go into any Toronto Public Library branch to register your child and receive a free notebook and web access code to begin your summer reading. Ask staff to tell you about the fun programs and activities they have planned and to recommend some great reads to get you started.

Back this year is TD Summer Reading Club Get Your Summer Read On Day on Saturday, June 23, at all Toronto Public Library branches. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details about this special day.

How many books do participants have to read and when can my kids report on books?

Kids can read as many books as they like. In the first few pages of the notebook, we ask kids to write down a reading goal and aim to reach it by the end of summer. Kids can also try to collect all 12 stickers by reading and reporting on books. Check with your local library for reporting times as this varies from branch to branch. We are always happy to hear about the books kids are reading and invite you to tell us all about them.

Can my kids still participate if we'll be away for most of the summer?

Absolutely! TD Summer Reading Club is a portable Club that you can easily take on the road. Request the complete sheet of stickers from your local branch and give them out as your kids tell you about books they've read. If you're packing an e-reader or tablet in your suitcase this summer, make sure to browse our collection of ebooks and audiobooks on Overdrive and the TD Summer Reading Club website and use your web access code to report on books online.

Do you have an online reporting system?

Yes! When a child receives their notebook they will also be given a unique Web Access Code that they can use to "sign in" at the TD Summer Reading Club website. Kids can report on the books they've read and receive virtual badges, and everything will be saved for the next time they visit the site. Kids can record their code in the space provided in their notebook for safe keeping!

Do we have to read specific books and do they have to be from the library?

No, participants can read anything they want! The Toronto Public Library has thousands of books in many different languages and formats (books, audiobooks, ebooks, eaudiobooks, etc.) that you can borrow and read for the TD Summer Reading Club. Ask library staff for some recommendations if your child needs helping selecting something good to read. You can also read any book, from home or anywhere else and still be part of the Club. We want to make it easy for kids to have fun reading!

My child has a print disability. Can he/she participate?

Absolutely! We have a wide selection of audiobooks, ebooks and books with CDs that they can listen to and report on. You can also browse the IBBY collection at the North York Central Library and visit the TD Summer Reading Club page on CELA's website for a list of recommended titles in audio and braille. You can also request or download an accessible notebook which includes large print, e-text, audio and braille. Ask staff at your local branch for more information.

Can my kids still attend programs even if they haven't registered for the TD Summer Reading Club and do they have to attend at a particular library?

Yes, kids can attend any summer program in their age range. Some programs require registration so check with the branch first. Your child can visit any Toronto Public Library to register, attend programs and report on books they've read, all summer long.

Do we have to bring the notebook every time?

We encourage you to bring your notebook every time you come in to do your book reports. This makes it easier for you to keep track of how many books you have read. Also, it allows you to put the stickers in your notebook right after you complete your report. However, kids can still report on a book if they have forgotten their notebook at home.

My child lost his/her notebook and/or web access code. Can we get another one?

Yes, just come into the branch and let staff know that you need a replacement.

Is there a way for kids who read in French to participate in the TD Summer Reading Club?

Oui, the TD Summer Reading Club is a bilingual program! Your child can pick up a notebook, attend library programs, read books and participate online, all in French! Make sure to ask staff at your library about the French Reading Challenge in which kids can report in French on French materials they read during the summer for a chance to win a prize.