Entrepreneur in Residence

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program offers help and support for small businesses with consultations, workshops and seminars.

2020 Entrepreneur in Residence


Access a digital brochure (PDF) to learn more about TPL's 2020 Entrepreneur in Residence programs.

If you missed the live broadcasts or want to watch them again, view these on-demand videos presented by Tawny Autumn.

What is the EIR program?

This eight-week residency is part of TPL’s celebration of Small Business Month. The Entrepreneur in Residence offers support of TPL’s small business programs and services.

The EIR program is an eight-week residency which involves reviewing submitted business ideas and meeting one-on-one with selected applicants (either in person or virtually) to critique and evaluate their business ideas and plans. The EIR also collaborates with the Library to create and offer programs and events to the general public, as well as maintain a blog. The residency is part of TPL’s celebration of Small Business Month.

TPL’s Entrepreneur in Residence will:

The Entrepreneur in Residence program offers successful candidates a special opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. The next EIR is included as part of a league of excellent entrepreneurs remembered for their skills, services, and who provide inspiration and optimism to future entrepreneurs.

One-on-One Consultation Sessions

Toronto Public Library's (TPL) 2020 Entrepreneur in Residence, Tawny Autumn, will be offering virtual one-on-one consultations with customers to review their business plans. Applicants should submit a two-page outline of their proposed business plan or idea by answering the following questions:

  1. Tell us about your business idea, service or product in 1-2 paragraphs. What market need are you trying to fulfill? Describe your target customer. How is your idea different from or better than options currently available?
  2. What is your vision and mission for your proposed business? How does this fit with your own personal goals?
  3. What experience or knowledge do you have in the business area you are interested in exploring?
  4. Do you have an existing business plan or strategy?
  5. Do you have a timeline in mind to launch and enter the market?
  6. Please indicate the top two areas where you need help the most now:
    1. market research for your product or service
    2. promotion and marketing
    3. social media and digital know-how
    4. finance fundamentals
    5. other (please specify)
  7. What attributes do you have that could be relevant in your life as an entrepreneur?

Note: An application submission does not guarantee a meeting. Applicants will be selected based on the strength of their submission. There is a limit of 25 appointments. Applications will not be returned, but will be confidentially deleted if a meeting is not scheduled.

Submission Details

Tawny Autumn will review your submission and meet virtually with a select number of applicants to review their plans, provide feedback and recommendations, and point out available resources that may be beneficial. Each meeting is a 30 to 45-minute one-on-one virtual session at no cost to the applicant.

Meetings are by appointment only and will be arranged by library staff to take place virtually. There is a maximum limit of 25 appointments.

Access a PDF version of the One-on-One Consultation form.

For further information, contact the Business, Science and Technology Department at North York Central Library at 416-395-5613.

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