Entrepreneur in Residence

Toronto Public Library’s Entrepreneur in Residence creates and supports the library’s Small Business programs with seminars, workshops and consultations and shares knowledge and expertise on the library’s Business & Personal Finance blog.

During their eight-week residency, the Entrepreneur in Residence also reviews submitted business ideas and meets one-on-one with selected applicants (whether in-person or virtual) at no cost to critique and evaluate their business ideas and plans. This residency is part of the TPL’s celebration of Small Business Month.

Apply to be an Entrepreneur in Residence

Applications are currently being accepted until June 30 at 5 pm to fill the role of our fall 2022 Entrepreneur in Residence.

Applicants must have extensive experience in the areas of running a successful business, coaching and advising aspiring small business owners. The role of the Entrepreneur in Residence is to create and deliver programs along with support materials, related to small-business creation and development by members of equity-seeking groups. Meet with library customers one-on-one to critique and answer questions about small-business creation and development.

Submissions accepted through the Bonfire procurement application.

One-on-One Consultation

Apply for a one-on-one consultation with the Entrepreneur in Residence. Complete the below forms and send to eir@tpl.ca.

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

For further information, contact the Business, Science and Technology Department at North York Central Library 416-395-5613.

Past Residents

Watch replays of programs hosted by Hamid. For a list of all Small Business programs, here.