Entrepreneur in Residence

The Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program offers help and support for small businesses with consultations, workshops and seminars.

2020 Entrepreneur in Residence


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What is the EIR program?

This eight-week residency is part of TPL’s celebration of Small Business Month. The Entrepreneur in Residence offers support of TPL’s small business programs and services.

The EIR program is an eight-week residency which involves reviewing submitted business ideas and meeting one-on-one with selected applicants (either in person or virtually) to critique and evaluate their business ideas and plans. The EIR also collaborates with the Library to create and offer programs and events to the general public, as well as maintain a blog. The residency is part of TPL’s celebration of Small Business Month.

TPL’s Entrepreneur in Residence will:

The Entrepreneur in Residence program offers successful candidates a special opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. The next EIR is included as part of a league of excellent entrepreneurs remembered for their skills, services, and who provide inspiration and optimism to future entrepreneurs.

One-on-One Consultation Sessions

Toronto Public Library's (TPL) Entrepreneur in Residence offers one-on-one consultations with customers to review their business plans, provide feedback and recommendations and point out available resources that may be beneficial. Each meeting is a 30 to 45-minute one-on-one session at no cost to the applicant. In 2020, the consultations were virtual.

Applications are not currently being accepted for the One-on-One Consultations.

Stay tuned for the next opportunity to apply for an appointment with one of TPL's skilled Entrepreneurs in Residence in 2021.

For further information, contact the Business, Science and Technology Department at North York Central Library at 416-395-5613.

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Past Entrepreneurs in Residence