Artists in the Library brings community-engaged artists to Toronto Public Library branches across the city. Enjoy workshops focused on storytelling, podcasting, media arts and much more, programs run from September to December at ten library branches.

Telling Stories and Making Media

Photo of Community Story Collective

Branch: Fairview
Artist: Community Story Collective

Explore your story through modern methods like media and technology, or through ancient traditions of oral storytelling.

Drop in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5750 or see program details.

XYZ: Zines from Analogue to Digital

Photo of Paperhouse Outreach Collective

Branch: Cedarbrae
Artist: Paperhouse Outreach Collective

Participate in a four-month zine, artist book and digital residency.

Drop in and registered programs for teens.

Call 416-396-8850 or see program details.

Bridging Worlds: Digital and Analog Image Making

phtoto of Geneviève Thauvette

Branch: York Woods
Artist: Geneviève Thauvette

Explore creative ways of manipulating a photographic image, through digital and traditional means.

Registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5980 or see program details.

Constructing Comic Books: Telling Stories Through Images

Photo of Scott Waters

Branch: Mimico
Artist: Scott Waters

Learn how to make a comic book through drawing, writing and painting workshops, or tell us a story that will become a comic.

Drop in and registered programs for teens and adults.

Call 416-394-5330 or see program details.

The Great Library Festival

Photo of Big Pond Small Fish

Branch: Downsview
Artist: Big Pond Small Fish

Experience the library as a place of crosspollination, bringing together forms of art, knowledge, generations and communities.

Drop in programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5720 or see program details.

Youth/Elder Podcast: Queer Stories and Community Workshops

Photo of Buddies in Bad Times

Branch: Oakwood Village
Artist: Buddies in Bad Times

Participate in live podcast recordings and workshops focused on the personal stories and lived histories of queer elders and youth.

Drop in programs for all ages.

Call 416-394-1040 or see program details.


Photo of Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin

Branch: S. Walter Stewart
Artist: Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin

KidCast fuses theatre with technology by teaching students how to write, record and perform their own digital radio plays.

Registered programs for children aged 9-12.

Call 416-396-3975 or see program details.


Photo of Community Arts Guild

Branch: Malvern
Artist: Community Arts Guild

Contribute to the creation of an original theatre production through workshops in music, design and making, theatre, storytelling and more.

Drop-in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-396-8969 or see program details.

Bookmaking with Herstory

Photo of Furrawn Press

Branch: Richview
Artist: Furrawn Press

Collaborate on the creation of a publication about women’s history, and learn about the independent publishing process.

Register programs for teens.

Call 416-394-5120 or see program details.

Anishinaabemowin Jiimaan

phtoto of Mike Ormsby

Branch: Scarborough Civic Centre
Artist: Mike Ormsby and Albert Owl

A full birch bark canoe build, done in an Anishinaabemowin immersion approach.

Drop in program for all ages.

Call 416-396-3599 or see program details.