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Together at the Table: Stories, Food + Art

Branch: Brentwood
Artist: Hijinks

A cross-generational project that creates a reflection of what we eat through storytelling, audio recording, printmaking and drawing.

Drop in and registered programs for seniors and teens.

Call 416-394-5120 or see program details.

Strange Journey

Branch: Mimico Centennial
Artist: Moving Images

A multimedia performance based on stories, pictures and dances.

Drop in programs for children 6 and up.

Call 416-394-5330 or see program details.

A Community Clay Arts Exploration

Branch: Downsview
Artist: Paul Stewart

Explore creativity through clay throwing and sculpture making.

Drop in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5720 or see program details.

The Baldwin Collection

Branch: Cedarbrae
Artist: Okay Collective

Learn how to curate and promote events related to the arts.

Drop in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-396-8850 or see program details.

The Art of Play: Game Makers

Branch: Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre
Artist: Hand Eye Society

Explore the art of play using videogames, interactive fiction and screen-less games.

Drop in programs for all ages.

Call 416-394-1040 or see program details.

Street Dance Theatre Creation

Branch: York Woods
Artist: Mix Mix Dance Collective

Learn the art of movement through open rehearsal processes and various street dancing, including waacking, house and hip hop.

Registration required. Programs for all ages

Call 416-395-5980 or see program details.

Storytelling through Movement

Branch: Fairview
Artist: Ashima Suri

Unleash your imagination in fun and interactive workshops that combines dance, theatre, yoga and storytelling.

Drop in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5750 or see program details.

Listening in the Library

Branch: Scarborough Civic Centre
Artist: Christopher Willes

A series of concerts, presentations, and workshops exploring sound, listening, audio technology and experimental music.

Registration required. Programs for teens and adults

Call 416-396-3599 or see program details.

Local Stories

Branch: Don Mills
Artist: WordPlay Collective

Explore and share your mythical and personal stories through theatre, music and digital arts.

Drop in and registered programs for all ages.

Call 416-395-5710 or see program details.


Branch: Malvern
Artist: Girls Rock Camp Toronto

Learn how to play your choice of drums.

Registration required. Programs for age 8-16.

Call 416-396-8969 for program details.

Thanks to:

Toronto Arts Council