Spaced Out: 50 Years of the Merril Collection

Vibrant illustration of rocket blasting through space with title of exhibit

About the exhibit

An exhibit showcasing some of the exciting, strange and wonderful things held by our Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy.

The Merril Collection dates back to 1970, when science-fiction author and editor Judith Merril donated 5,000 books to Toronto Public Library to found what was at first called the "Spaced Out Library".

Visit the exhibit to learn more about the collection and speculative fiction, the literature of the "what-if." This kind of literature explores the outer reaches of human imagination — our most spectacular dreams and darkest fears.

Download a large-print version of the exhibit text. (DOCX 63kb)

Vintage book covers for Dune, Red Planet, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the Left Hand of Darkness and The Caves of Steel

Virtual tour

Book cover for Mind of My Mind by Octavia E Butler

Reading list

Books you can borrow from TPL. This list features 50 books across 18 subgenres of speculative fiction.

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