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Icon of the event The Song Shul
Wed Jan 31, 2018 | 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Barbara Frum

Join us monthly to meet and hear about the fascinating experiences of new Canadians and their Canadian born children. Each month a speaker who was born in another country, will share stories of what it was like to grow up Jew...

Icon of the event West Toronto Junction Historical Society:  House Research Discoveries
Thu Feb 01, 2018 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Annette Street

People who have been researching their current or family home will share their adventures in house research. Join us for these sometimes surprising stories, and get tips for your own research!

Icon of the event Contributions Prior to Slavery
Wed Feb 07, 2018 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Cedarbrae

A powerful talk that takes you beyond slavery to what black people were doing before the word 'black' even existed. Stories of black saints such as saint Maurice to stories of the worlds richest man King Mansa Musa of Mali a...

Icon of the event Canada's Great War on Profiteers
Tue Apr 10, 2018 | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: S. Walter Stewart

Canadians remember the Great War for the immense sacrifices by everyday people who made victory possible, but few remember that not all Canadians were so selfless. Everyone from Canada's political and economic elite to local ...

Icon of the event Eye of the Storm: Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis
Mon Apr 23, 2018 | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: S. Walter Stewart

Based on his book, Antony Anderson will present a talk on how Canada's greatest diplomat, Lester Pearson helped solve the 1956 Suez Crisis. In the process, Pearson persuaded the UN General Assembly to establish its first peac...