Museum + Arts Pass FAQ

What is the Museum + Arts Pass (MAP) program?

The Museum + Arts Pass (MAP) program allows Toronto families to borrow a limited number of free passes to local museums, art galleries and similar venues in the same way they would borrow library materials.

The program's primary goal is to broaden Torontonians' access to the City's cultural life by providing the opportunity to visit Toronto's top cultural institutions.

MAP also has secondary goals including our intentions:

  • To showcase the cultural renaissance in Toronto and broaden the opportunity for all Toronto residents to participate;
  • To showcase Toronto Public Library collections and programs that support visits to and enjoyment of local museums and art galleries;
  • To strengthen partnerships between Toronto Public Library and its cultural institution partners
When did the MAP program start?

In its pilot year (2007), the MAP program was offered at 24 branches (of the Library's 99) located in neighbourhoods identified by the City of Toronto as high priority with regard to their relative prosperity and access to resources.

What branches are participating in MAP?

All open Toronto Public Library branches are participating in the MAP Program. Please Note: Passes for some venues are available only through a limited number of library branches.

Why is the Library participating in this?

The Library has as one of its strategic goals the support of culture and arts in the city. Toronto Public Library's Museum + Arts Pass program broadens Torontonians' access to the city's cultural life by providing families with the opportunity to visit Toronto's top cultural institutions for free.

What institutions are currently involved?

Currently, the following venues offer passes at all open library branches:

The following venues offer passes at 50 branches:

The following venues offer passes at 32 branches:

How does the MAP program work?

Adults can use their Toronto Public Library card to check out a MAP pass. One pass is permitted per person, per week (seven calendar days) — and each venue has its own restrictions on the number of people (adults and children) that will be admitted with one pass. Generally, each pass admits 2 adults and 2 children.

MAP passes cannot be renewed or reserved. Patrons don't have to return the passes but the passes do expire (currently, the expiry period is three months after checkout). Once the patron has used one pass, they are welcome to re-visit any venue by signing out another pass, or to borrow a pass for another participating venue — Library staff encourage patrons to try them all.

Who is paying for the program?

The passes have been donated by each of the venues. The promotional material and administration costs are currently being funded by the MAP presenting sponsor The Bennett Family Foundation.

I've misplaced my date due receipt, what can I do?

Visit your local branch and staff can reprint a MAP date due receipt for you.