tpl:map FAQ

Have questions about tpl:map? We have answers!

What is tpl:map?

Discover, explore and enjoy Toronto’s arts, cultural experiences and attractions with tpl:map. Book your free pass with your adult library card. Featuring a wide range of attractions, there’s something for everyone, whatever your interests. Simply reserve your date from available venues, download or print your pass closer to your reservation date, and start your adventure!

The tpl:map service was previously known as TPL's popular Museum + Arts Pass (MAP) program.

Who can reserve a tpl:map pass?

TPL customers 18 years and older are eligible to reserve a tpl:map pass for free admission to participating attractions across the city. Please note corporate, digital access card, non-resident, visitors and temporary cardholders are not eligible for use with the tpl:map reservation system.

How do I make a reservation using tpl:map?
  1. Go to and click on the “Reserve a tpl:map pass” button.
  2. Log in to the tpl:map reservation system using your TPL library card number and password/PIN.
  3. Browse for available passes by date or attraction.
  4. Make sure to read each offer carefully, as each attraction can have different requirements and restrictions.
  5. Select the offer and make a reservation. Note: you must reserve a pass for a specific date. This is called your “reservation date.” For performance-based attractions, you will also need to choose a specific performance time.
  6. Print or download your pass before your visit. Remember that once you print/download your pass you cannot cancel your reservation. Passes are only redeemable during hours that each attraction is open to the public—be sure to check the attraction's hours before you reserve. When you visit the attraction, you will need to present your library card and ID. The cardholder who reserved the pass must be present to redeem entry to the attraction.
Which attractions are currently participating in tpl:map?

You can see which attractions are currently participating in tpl:map by visiting the tpl:map page. New attractions will be added over time, so watch for updates!

NOTE: some attractions are performance-based only. Passes will be offered for specific performances rather than general admission.

When are passes made available?

Passes will be made available online on the first day of every month for the following month. For instance, passes for May will be available on April 1. Passes for June will be available on May 1; and so on.

Passes to performing arts attractions will be made available in advance of each performance date. Reservations can only be made up to three days before each performance date.

Please note that passes are in high demand and supplies are limited. Access to the reservation site does not guarantee a pass. When people cancel their reservations, the passes are made available to others. Check back regularly because more passes could become available at any time.

How many passes can I reserve?

You may reserve one pass per attraction per calendar year and you can have one active reservation at one time. Having one active reservation will block you from making additional bookings for future dates until the date for your active reservation has passed. If you reserve a pass, but do not use it, you will not be able to book for that attraction until the next calendar year.

When is the pass valid?

When you book your pass, you're required to select a date, known as your “reservation date.” That's the only date you can visit the attraction with your pass. If you visit the attraction on a date different from your reservation date, your pass won't be accepted. For performance-based attractions, you will also need to choose a specific performance time.

How many people can use one pass?

This will vary depending on the attraction. Be sure to read the offer description carefully when reserving your pass. Passes are not transferable.

Can library staff make a reservation for me?

No. For privacy reasons, customers must manage their own bookings. Customers are welcome to schedule a Book-A-Librarian appointment at a branch for staff assistance with learning how to use the tpl:map site and making a reservation.

Can I print a pass at a library branch?

Please ask a library staff member to assist you when printing your pass and be sure to tell them you are printing a tpl:map pass.

Can I access the tpl:map website on my mobile device?

Yes, you can access the tpl:map website on your mobile device. There is currently no app for the tpl:map service.

I'm not able to make a reservation. Why?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to make a reservation:

  • No passes are currently available. Check back regularly as cancelled passes will become available for others to reserve. New passes will be released on the first of every month.
  • You currently have an active reservation. Only one active reservation is permitted at a time.
  • You've already used your pass at this attraction for the year. You may only reserve one pass per attraction per calendar year.
Why isn't my reservation showing up?

Customers are required to fully complete their reservation by clicking on the “Continue” button and choosing the “Print Later” button (except for a same day reservation). Your active reservation will appear under My Reservations.

Can I cancel an active tpl:map reservation?

Yes. However, you can only cancel a pass if you have not already clicked on the “Print/Download” button and agreed to the warning that passes cannot be cancelled after viewing or printing. Library staff cannot cancel passes for you. If you need to cancel, please do so at least three days before your reservation date to give someone else the opportunity to use the pass.

Why can't I log into the tpl:map reservation system?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to sign into the tpl:map reservation site:

  • Your account has expired. At this time, we’re able to process card renewals in branch only. Online card renewal is unavailable.
  • You have reported your library card as Lost. To get a new card you will need to bring acceptable name and current address identification on your next visit to the library. Where possible, if you have an active tpl:map reservation, please let staff know so that your pass can be transferred to your new card within two business days.
  • Your account has more than $100.00 in charges and/or more than 10 items overdue. To unblock your account, return any overdue materials and/or pay any outstanding charges.
  • You forgot your PIN. You can reset your PIN by visiting Toronto Public Library's Forgot Your PIN page.
  • You have a Digital Access Card. You can visit one of our branches to upgrade to a full-service library card.
Why is it so challenging to reserve a pass for certain attractions?

Passes for certain attractions get fully booked quickly. Cancellations may occur throughout the month. Please keep trying.

Misuse, transfer or sale of these passes is not permitted and will result in the Library taking action including the suspension of borrowing privileges.