St. Clair West in Pictures: A History of the Communities of Carlton, Davenport, Earlscourt and Oakwood

Nancy Byers and Barbara Myrvold

Third Edition - Revised & Expanded

Paper, 158 p, 141 b&w illus.,
20.5 x 25.5 cm.

Retail Price: $20

Toronto Public Library, 2008.

Local History Handbook No. 8

ISBN 078-0-9206021-62-4

This history of the communities that border St. Clair Avenue West between Oakwood Avenue and Old Weston Road is now its third edition. Now more than 20 pages longer than earlier editions, the book now has many more pictures and maps, and a detailed index. A new highlight tells about St. Clair's streetcars, part of the thoroughfare since 1913, and an updated history covers recent events. "Origin of Local Street Names" features the story of 43 streets. Heritage Toronto's Award of Merit winner in 1999.

Interactive Map of St. Clair West, Then and Now

View an interactive map of St. Clair West in 1910-1912 with highlights from the 3rd edition of St. Clair West in Pictures. Compare pictures to see how locations have changed over the years.

Reviews for 2008 edition

"Just like the dozen other books Ms. Myrvold has been involved with for the TPL, this is a thoroughly researched document of a place that is all but gone. In this case, it's a mostly working-class area just like the kind almost everyone has lived in at one time but almost every publisher overlooks. … Thanks to the Toronto Public Library, that's no longer the case."
Dave Leblanc, Globe and Mail, Dec. 4, 2008

Reviews for 1997 edition

"St. Clair West takes us to places that almost everyone has forgotten were places a century ago, when Toronto was still a fairly small city ringed by myriad farming and industrial centres... We have Nancy Byers and Barbara Myrvold to thank for bringing back to mind those folk and what they did."
John Bentley Mays, Globe & Mail, Jan. 7., 1998.

"This is a rich portrait. . . . Byers and Myrvold take pains to cover every aspect of history, but do it with enough style to make the text entertaining, a kaleidoscope rather than an inventory. . . . Many a photographic jaw-dropper in this fine addition to a series that is itself one of the many outstanding contributions the TPL has made to life in old Toronto."
Ted Mumford, NOW, Dec. 11-17, 1997.

"Through informative text and precious old photos, this book (the term "handbook" really doesn't do justice to the work of authors Nancy Byers and Barbara Myrvold) describes the history and development of the Carlton, Davenport, Earlscourt and Oakwood communities that form part of Greater Toronto."
Mike Filey, Toronto Sunday Sun, Oct. 7, 1997.

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