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  • Going to the library is a lot of fun and helps to build your reading skills. it is also a nice place to stay for peace and quiet.

    Mary, 12
  • I love the libraries so much!!!!

    Youyou, 11
  • the Library is the best place ever plus it has a lot of books and DvD and that's good to me.

    Talia, 9
  • Hello my name is Asia. I'm new to Toronto. I love the library I hope it gets Better and Better!

    Asia, 8
  • I really like kids space because you have lots of things people can do especially writing stories which I really like!! I love writing stories. Hope you post even more stuffs that are FUN!!!

    Harshii, 9
  • Thanks tpl for this website, it's awesome

    Elise, 11
  • The toronto publec liray is sooooo cool. it is feled with lots of books.go to the don mils libray it is osom!!!!

    evelyn, 9
  • Have you ever thought you can' t make a team or someone is better than you at something? why bother to try? that's how I feel on track and field when I didn't get any ribbons. I feel like I'm not good at sport. but that's just not right I got ribbons for everything last year. I remember last year where one of my friend got discourage so I told her it's okay, have faith in yourself try your best. So for the next event (triple jump)I got third place. Having faith in in something is now important for me.

  • Hi I engoy reading story and I love the webside

  • I love to read. I read a lot. I love Robert munsch books. I love kidspace. I love library. I have started to read chapter books by charles\parkins and i am enjoying them.

    Sharvesh,6, Scarborough
  • hey guys i love books. how are you guys to day? iam happy to be cool and swwet i guys some times iam cool iam cool

    Sherrybuddy,10 New York, New York
  • I love going to your library, it's close to our house its just at the front and then at the right,I love books!

  • The story of Terry Fox - terry fox got leg cancer and now his right leg got terry's lungs got cancer so that now he is in heaven,i promise you not to read the book everybody.

  • It's so awsome that you can use Kids Space on the computer at the Toronto Public Library AND at home too! It's very educational and it gives you a change to hear what other kids are feeling throughout Toronto.

  • i really like this webesite I sometimes enjoy it alot

    Aliya,11, Toronto
  • This website is so awesome!Although it takes so long to load.My taecher showed me this website and our whole class loved it!

    Chloe,8, Toronto
  • i love to go onto the windows media has all my pictures, songs and videos, and tv episodes. i can also make playlists.i can even put pictures on the playlists! if you want to keep a playlist, you have to save it or it won't be there anymore. thats all for now happy playlist making!

    Sarah, 6,Toronto
  • I love to play games on kidsspace

  • i like to ask a comment because u can write whatever u want and so it dose not matter what anybody thinks even if its a librian so if u got somthing to say u have to stand up for yourself and dont be scared.and if other people want to read your cmments its OK and even if its a FRIEND or a BEST-FRIEND it dose not MATTER so start right now and do not give up on what u are reading now so write a comment of anything a JOKE,MUSIC,MOVIE,ANYTHING so please but before u do all this u have to remember to put your first name,email,city,country,age and one mopst important thing u have to ask your PARENTS because if u write it can go to youtube,facebook,or remember a comment is a good thing.

  • My teacher showed Kids'Space to my class and they like it so much.

    Jenny, 11, Toronto
  • I want to read a story book in toronto publik library but I can't Go because he has a important work and my small two sisters has one is 7 years old and anoter is 8months old so my mom can't go I was filling so bored I remember that I can use the computer.

    Tahiya, 9,Toronto
  • this website is so awsome because u get to learn new things and while u are waiting for a computer u get to play games

    Shanana 11
  • i luv kidsspace its so awesome while your waiting for a computer you can play on kidsspace theres games and it tells you information

    Samantha 10, Toronto
  • i think books are awsome because they make you smart.

    Phillip 8, Toronto
  • i love the libary becuase there is so much books and dvds and cds i love to read that is why i like the libary also becuse you get explore in books.

    Ravale 10, Toronto
  • All the books I have read so far was all very interesting so I think that if you had more great mistery books that would be great.

    Jessica 10, Toronto
  • Toronto public library ROCKS !!!!!!!!

    Tharani 8, Toronto
  • I really like the books you have in the library .l like the about "Gerniom .S." books .l enjoy going to the reading budies.

    Vanessa 10, Toronto
  • Allo library j'aime lire c'est pour ca que je demande des livres. god bless you library.

    Frantz,12, Haiti
  • summer is a bit boring beacuse b i miss school and my friends. do you miss school and your friends too?

    Natalia, 10, Mississauga
  • hi all the libraion adutels. nice too meet you.i like to write and draw.even i like to play with my friends.the most thing i like to do is read books. I love to write letters to you again but I cant. Bye Bye

    khwaish, Toronto
  • It's really my first time on this website and what the real good thing is that you get to learn very very good stuff and when you learn those stuff, it's like a journey that youve never ever been in before just like learning step,by step,and by step.THIS WEBSITE ROCKS A LOT!!!

    Dariana, 9
  • I LUV this website. It is so much fun because there are games and I can have a sya in things like how this website goes, how good it is. And many stuff like that. Well I would love to stay and chat but I need to write a book review, see you guys later.P.S. I really do luv this website. Hope other people do too. Bye!!:)

    Kat,10, Edmonton
  • This is a awesome website! Real Cool! I listen to the hear a story everyday! AWESOME!

    Bookworm, 9
  • This website is awsome and i really like it because it's about learning and game in the same page. When my teacher showed me this I thought it would be awful but when i start playing i love it

    Lowella, 10
  • you have specail games! like action mactch and alpha drop and that book game and stuff like those games are fun i like this website it's waay too fun only i come on this website sometimes trust me i don't have a crush on you

    Terehz, 5 1/2
  • i love the libray so many books to discover when i enter the libray i want tol spend hours reading books! and yet reading is my favourite thing because of you guys.

    Minhaj, 9
  • Kids' Space rocks

    Adriana, 10
  • thanx for tis web it geart u guys are the best

    Aaribi, 12
  • Cool website! I realy like it. It's kid friendly and really useful.

    Azra, 9
  • Cool website! I go on it everyday. I have never seen a website with such cool games and stuff to do! It so fun i love reading the jokes.

    Sally, 9
  • I was really surprised when I saw what you guys did. What a great selection and for making this place as fun for others like me. I love this!

    Rhea, 9
  • I love your website it has the coolest games

    Aarabi, 8 Scarborough
  • i like tornto public library because in the summer time the heat is cool and on cold days the heat is warm/hot and on spring days the heat is warm/cool and its just to fun.theres a 100s and 100s of books in the liibrary sometimes i cant pick. some books are funny when i read them, some books are sad when i read them,some books are happy when i read them.and thirs 100s of movies thir.and i brrow books and movies from the library.and you could eat your snacks or lunch on tables that donot have any books on them.

    Ali, 8
  • I like all kinds of books and more stuff I like in kidsspace I like to read and write it's good to learn more. I read alots and when I feel bored I always read books let's read more books to learn. :) Let's read read to the end and never stop!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!:)

    Rose, 9
  • Hi ilove the is so cool.iwish i could come tothe library every rules

    Verna, 9
  • This is a really cool website! My teacher showed my class it and we loved it!

    Emma, 11
  • I love librarys because books entertain me.

    Bob, 9
  • Its realy nice of the toronto public liabrary to have this website. I have been using this websit for like since I was 3 and this website helped me alot in reading, writing,math and more!

    Saffa, 9
  • i used to not be able to read but the public library helped me a little growing up and getting better. Thanks!

    tsering, 12

Your Reviews

  • Song: Golden Sunrise
    Artist: Josh Woodward
    This song is good.

  • Movie: Snowflake, the White Gorilla
    I say it is from age 6 and is a nice movie and very funny. you can watch it on hoopla for free . it is about a white Gorilla that goes to the zoo and there is an evil guy that whats the white Gorilla heart he gets plans to get him and he dose ......... to be continued . (Watch the full movie to be continued !) first watch the trailer to see if you will like it .

  • Movie: Sing
    I really loved the movie "Sing" because it was so funny. My favourite characters are Ash played by Scarlett Johansson, Jhonny played by Taron Eggerton, Meena played by Tori Kelly, favourite characters are Ash played by Scarlett Johansson, Buster Moon played by Matthew McConaughey,Rosita played by Reese Witherspoon and Mike played by Seth Macfarlane.

  • Title: Dog Man and Cat Kid Author: Dav Pilkey
    I love to read comic books I recommend Dav Pilkey books if you like humor and comics!

    Chloe, 10

  • Song: Ready or Not
    is a fantastic song its amazing listen to it. By Bridget Mendler.

  • Movie Title: Rataouille
    It was amazing!!!

  • Book Title: The Land of Stories, #1, The Wishing Spell
    Author: Chris Colfer
    First of all after you read a little it you'll never want to put the book down. Its about an amazing journal when Alex and Conner made their way back to the human world. You should try to read it too cause you never know whats going to happen next. Thanks for reading.

    Leyi, 10, Toronto

  • Movie Title: Frozen
    I loved the movie Frozen too!!
    Imaandeep, 8, Brampton

  • Title: The Babysitters Club Author: Ann M. Martin
    It is an awsome seiries of books about baby sitting children also it continue's on forever almost

    Emily, 8

  • Movie Title: Titanic
    Oh my god! I totally LOVE this movie!!! The part that made me cry because when Jake risked his life to save rose. That made me cry sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Watch it, and get a tissue box.

    Aishah, 10

  • Website: Prodigy Fun Math Games
    Cool math game that I play at school There's pets, wizards and evil monsters to battle! You level up and get gold and everything!

    Chad, 12

  • Title: World Book Discovery Encyclopedia
    this is an great book its cald discovery encyclopidia. hoop you read it thanks.

    Suhaanaa, 9

  • Song:Here's To Never Growing Up
    This song is REALLY good. The lyrics of the song tell you to live your life to the fullest, with no regrets, and that just because you're older, doesn't mean you can't have fun. TO 12+ READERS: If you haven't listened to this song, you should. the reason why i recommend this for 12+ kids is because there's a bit of swearing, and because the preteen/teen years are very emotional. This song helps people keep going, and not regret having fun.

  • Website: American Girl
    it has games this website has books and dolls.It is so nice.

  • DVD:: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is an awesome book, but many times, in movies, they totally mix them up. Especially in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, facts are completely messed up--facts that are crucial to the story. they also leave out many entertaining parts. I think movies should stick to the facts.!
    Olivia,12, London England

  • Title: Archie Comics
    you should try reading archie books because they have funny jokes and funny characters saying harlious things.! Try reading them!

  • Title: Ally The Dolphin Fairy Author: Daisy Meadows
    kirsty,rachel,ally and echo the dolphin save the day from goblins who are scared of pogworzels which are really dolphins. this is the best book you could read


  • Title: Connected Artist: Katherine McPhee
    you should really here this song! If you can't find the song go on


    You can see the music video on You Tube here. (Kids' Space Librarian)

  • Title: The Dead End
    Author: Mimi McCoy
    Spookiest book ever.
    Diya, 10

  • Title: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
    Author: Grace Lin
    This book is totally, totally mesmerizing. If you haven't read it, go to the library and READ THIS FANTASTIC BOOK NOW!!! You will love love love this book, just like I did.
    Manmeet, 11

  • Title: I Love Bugs
    Author: Emma Dodd
    I recently read I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd.I'm in grade 2 and it was pretty easy for me. My teacher said I and my friend are able to read grade 4 books! Anyway Love Bugs were great!
    Ashley, 8

  • Title: Pokemon: The Pokemon Sneak

    Sarah, 6

  • Title: 50 Below Zero
    Author: Robert Munsch i love this book this so much that i can read it over and over and over and over again and you should read it over and over and over and over... again.
    Emma, 8

  • Movie Title: Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows part 2
    It is a great new movie in theatres in 3-D! watch it!
    Fahmid, 10

  • Music Title: Dynamite
    Artist:Justin Bieber
    I love this song!
    Sarah, 6

  • Title: Welcome to the Bed & Biscuit
    Author: Joan Carris
    I really enjoyed the book Welcome to Bed & Biscuit. The characters in this book were all so funny, making the reader wish to have friends like, Ernest, Gabby and Milly. A great read for kids who just got past the easy-reader stage!! Happy Reading!

  • Movie Title: Alvin and the Chipmunks
    i love that movie i think its great for kids.
    Vanessa, 9

  • Title: Blizzard of the Blue Moon
    Author: Mary Pope Osborne
    This book was really good i like magic treehouse`s books YOU SOULD READ THEM!!:) do not do this ):
    Muuzeyyen, 12

  • Music Title: I knew I loved you
    Artist: Savage Garden
    You must listen to this!! So romantic and Cute. You might get it and like it if you are 11+ :D
    Mai, 12

  • Title: Dora Goes to the Doctor
    Author:Phoebe Beinstein
    Hafizah, 4, Toronto

  • Title: The Summoning
    Author: Kelley Armstrong
    This book absolutely rocks! It's about a girl named Chloe Saunders who just wants to have a relatively normal life. though, she starts getting problems. Problems like seeing ghosts. It's a exciting tale that will leave you SPEECHLESS! You'll READ it, READ the sequel then read the next! You'll totally fall in love with Kelley Armstrong! All I'm saying is READ IT!
    Tehirah, 11, Toronto

  • Movie:The Outsiders
    This movie is really Good! my class is also reading the novel study in class, I love soda he is sooooo hawt !<33
    Pepsi, 13

  • Titles: Perfect & Lush
    Author:Natasha Friend
    Recently i have read 2 book by the same author! i will read the other ones! Anyway i love theses books because they show you that not everyone one's life is perfect! so when i read perfect i realized that so what if you see someone that looks like they are are perfect maybe they're not you should try being their friend because no one is perfect!
    Charis, 13, Toronto

  • Title: Dork Diaries
    Author:Rachel Renee Russell
    The library I go to doesn't have this book, but they should. And this book is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the whole series. But there is only 2 series so its not really "all" as in alot. Anyways....... kids that are reading this should go to a book store and ask for the book "DORK DIARIES." It's the best book in the world.
    Fun Facts: Dork Diaries is the #1 bestselling book in new York and its based on a really cool true story! The main characters life in this book is crazy!!!!! B.T.W. The main characters name is Nikki (girl)
    Lyka Victoria, 10, Toronto

  • I like dinosour diarrhoea chapter because I think it is very funny and it is about a time space travelling machine. They went to a dinosaur time!This book is amazing you should read it! :)
    Sung Nay, 9, Melbourne

  • Song: Dynamite
    Artist: taio cruz
    i luved this song soo much!!
    Anisha, 12

  • Movie: Karate Kid
    one of the best movies ever you got to see it!
    Jay,13, Seoul

  • Movie: Roger Rabbit
    Good day sir, my name is bobby-jack-a-lacka-frizzle-kripple but you can call me bobby. I am here to tell you about Roger Rabbit. He is my favoirate character! This movie was amazing, I hope you guys can all watch this movie today, unless you r inschool. good day sirs.

  • Author: Christopher Paolini
    Titles: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr (Inheritance series)
    I think that everyone should read this book (though I suggest you read it only if your vocabulary is good) because it has a mixture of fantasy and adventure. It's like your Harry Potter books only with elves, dwarves, and much more! I wish I was a Shur'tugal...(Dragon Rider)
    Jason, 11

  • Author:Daisy Meadows
    Series:Rainbow Magic
    i think girls are supposed to read rainbow magic because it is all about a world full of faires! i like rachel (1 of the girls in there) but i look more like kirsty
    Margaret, 9

  • Movie:The Last Song
    Sad,Fantastic,Funny all in one movie. The Last Song has it all. I really loved the movie because the end was so, I don't evan know how to explain it. So sad but not sad . I was amazed that at the part we she was playing the panio as her Dad slowly started to die. But one thing I did not like was the way She and her boyfriend always fighted about wierd things. But other wise in was a 10 star movie, to me at least.
    Taylor, 11

  • Video: Flicka
    Wow this was an amazing movie! I recomend this movie to anyone who loves horses. Flicka is about a black, wild mustang getting captured by a rancher. This horse is a wild, crazy horse. The rancher played by Tim Mcgraw belives no one shall ride this mustang. Sadly his daughter does not belive that's true. Flicka and katrina travel through hard times together. sadly the rancher finds out that Kathrine rides the mustang and sends her off to a rodeo to die. Will Flicka live? You must find out now!

  • Movie Title:Ang Darling kong aswang
    Last weekend I wached a movie called And darling kong aswang, it was a filipino movie and it was about a girl who is a bat and she got married to this guy who is a normal person but sudddenly the full moon came and the man who got married to the bat knew that thw woman was a bat but the guy still likes the girl.........
    Pretty mush thats all but i cant really tell you every thing i know so you have to find it out by your self so good Luck!!!
    Lowella, 11

  • Title:Chosen
    Author: P.C.Cast & Kristin Cast
    i luv that book! the others are great too!!!! i really love those books!
    Michelle, 11

  • Title:My World 2.0
    Author: Justin Bieber
    I like Justin Bieber because he is a really good singer. I can't believe he is Canadian. He is going to go far with the help of the singer Usher.
    Lowella, 10

  • Title:The New Girl (Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls series)
    Author: Meg Cabot
    The book Allie Finkle Rules for Girl is a very cool book. It has 219 page it about Allie Finkle telling other girls about Girl Rules. It a really long book but it really called Allie Finkle's RULES for GIRLS : The new girl. It was when Allie was first new to her school Pine Heights Elementry. But she doesn't like her new class because Rosemary her class maet doesn't like her.In fact Rosemary wanted to beat up Allie. It was hard for her to be the new girl. Also it Aliies give you rules only for girls. Well thank you for reading this review and I hope you want to read this book. Thank you for your opinion
    Joanne, 10

  • Title:Kristy's Great Idea (Babysitters Club series)
    Author: Ann Martin
    Greatest book it has drama love story and more
    Kiki, 13

  • Title: The Littles
    Author: John Peterson
    You should read The Littles! They are really nice.
    Moomo 9

  • Title: The Prairie Dog Conspiracy
    Author: Eric Wilson
    The prairie dog conspiracy is a mystery.The story is about a boy called Tom who lives in winnipeg.He lives across the street from an abandoned house.One night tom noticed that there was light in the abandoned house.Next night tom and his friend sneaked in the abandoned house and the adventure starts.Tom needs all his wits to survive.
    Snehan, 10

  • The book i like well it is not a book it is a magazine called seventeen.
    Samantha, 10

  • Website: . this is a web site with games. and it is not just one game it is TONS of game. there are games to race and to dress up people and characters AND etc. It is awesome. You should try it.
    Maice, 10

  • Title:The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
    Author: Jeanne Birdsall
    I think that it is an awesome book for girls and its amazing how the author put everything together.
    Carmen, 10

  • Title: Twilight
    Author: Stephenie Meyer
    I was ver romantic!!
    Angela, 13

  • Title: Kyla May:International Spy
    Author: Kyla May
    You might heard of this book before because my friend review it too. We both read it it is really funny and cool I bought it and my friend bowred it from the libary. There are lots of kyla may book I want to buy I going to ask my dad to. I hope it is going to be cheap last time.When I bought it it was $7.50 + tax. But I still read it, it is really fun to read. I hope you see my review you should really readit you cna get it at the public libary but you have to ask the libarian first. So oyu can read it. Even if you don't like to read no offence but you should read any book. cartoon counts. :) This is a really cool book
    Joanne, 9

  • The song Fire Flies by Owl City rocks! I will write down the first part:
    You would not beilive my eyse, if ten million fire flies, light up the world as I fell asleep.
    Cause they fill the open air, and leave tear drops everywhere, You think I'm fine but you would just stand there, scared!
    And that is the first part of Fire Flies! The coolest song ever!
    Victoria, 10

  • Title: Kyla May:International Spy
    Author: Kyla May
    it is a funny book I like because it tells you about her and her funny idea it even tells you about what design you can wear as a disquise to be a different person. This book has it own dictionary of how to say word or type words different ways :D I also like it becuase it is awesome it tells you alot of things. But sadly it is only for girls :( sorry but the other book I review is also for boys and girls it is name. Diary of ther wimpy kid it is a funny book.
    MaryJo, 9

  • Song: Baby
    omygoshh, i <3 justin bieber! i hope to one day sing with him and become best friends. sadly dreams dont always come true !
    Rachel, 10

  • Title:The Boy Who Dared
    Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
    This book is so amazing! Think back in the time of the holocaust, so break the rules. But you did that for your rights. Is that right or wrong? Find out with Helmuth in this tragic situation.
    Mathuri, 11

  • Title: Holly the Christmas Fairy
    Author: Daisy Meadows
    Jack Frost has stolen Santa's slay and it is up to Holly and Rachle and Kristi too get it back and save Christmas. You shold read this book.
    Patia, 7

  • If you go and web and type Jenette McCurdy it would show you and then click on it. It will be really cool because you get to write stuff about how was the event or thing Visit it by going on web first.
    MaryJo, 9

  • Website:My Life is Average

    MLIA is my utmost, all-time FAVORITE website!!!!!!!!
    It's basically just about "average" people and their "average" lives-note the quotation marks. It's actually lots of people writing about wacky, weird, funny or strange stuff that's happened to them, such as "Today, my teacher accepted my late excuse- I was petting a llama and lost track of time. MLIA" or "My teacher lost a bet so he came to school today wearing a dinosaur costume. MLIA" I would HIGHLY recommend this site so if you have the chance, LOG ON!!!
    Definitely 10/10 material. :)

  • Title: I wish that I had duck feet

    Author: Theo LeSieg
    its a good book i like it because it has diffent kinds of animals.

    Hannah, 7
  • Title: The Merchant of Venice
    its an awesome novel,u should read it!! try it, u will enjoy it

    Zain, 13
  • Comics: Archie Comics
    I love archies

    Pip, 11
  • Website: its so awesome you can chat wid other peeps u can email peeps if ur parent say yes. u mak frends.

    Aby, 8
  • Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen

    The movie is really good i reall enjoyed it.Some tims I can watch the movie over and over again because it's really fun! The movie talks about a family who has 12 kids isen't it alot? Well I think so.

    Azra, 11
  • Song: Our Song

    Artist: Taylor Swift

    Wow I love this song sooo much. I think everybody who reads this should listen to this very song. And say who your crush is.

    Baleigh, Edmonton, 11
  • Movie:G-Force

    I have just watched G-force.The movie was great!My favorite part was when the little girl bought the guinea pig and dressed her up with princess clothes and earrings and lipstick but, the girl guinea pig did not like it. you should really watch it because it was really cool.I also watched it with my sister and we both have guinea pigs at home.

  • Title:Nancy Drew

    Author:Carolyn Keene

    I just started to read Nancy drew, and i love it!!!!I like it because it's a mystery book.But the Nancy drew books i read are different, they are trilogy books.For instance=model mystery trilogy,identity mysteries and much more!If you're into mystery books you better check this out, because you're going to like it so much you can't stop reading!!!I've read so much, my eyes started to hurt that i fell asleep.i go to the library whenever i finish a lot of my books. I just happened to go today! But they don't have the books i need.i would rate Nancy drew books a five if i could it would be a lot more! keep on reading! .

  • Movie: Twilight

    Twilight was an awesome movie. It was action packed and very thrilling for me. I recomend this movie to all you people who enjoys romance movies and trillers.

    Mary Ann,11
  • Title:Somebody Else's Summer

    Author: Jean Little

    it's an awesome book u should totally read!!!!

    jean little is the best!!!! hope u lykk it.


    y8 is a cool website because when you click the link girls all the games for girls show up like dressup games.I have dressed up almost all of the barbies and mermaids and bratz. You should check it out sometime during the day.

  • i enjoy reading judy b jones

    Yulisa, 10

  • Title:Main Street:Needle and Thread

    Author: Ann Martin

    This particular book "Needle and Thread" in the "Main Street" series by Ann M. Martin, captured my thoughts on the book because it showed all perspectives of most of the people mentioned in this book. We were not listening to ones perspective the whole book but from time to time we were switched to a different persons perspective. The way the author did this was cool because the things that happened in the lives of the characters in the book were no mystery, so we I was combfortable with the characters. I would recommend this book to girls who are having tough times with friends,and family. But would also recommend this book to girls who can relate to this book and who know that friends are just corners away if you need them. This book is mainly about 4 girls who have things going on with there familys but can hope for the best with there friends and just make the best out of it even if it seems impossible. I say this book is like one long piece of yarn. The yarn has lots of knots in it but in the end the 4 girls find ways to take most of the knots out. Sweet inspiring read to tell you a lot about yourself and to understand the people around you. Thanks for reading my review..

  • Website:

    Did any of you visit it has news,mail,games,wheather,and more!

  • Title:The Kayla Chronicles

    Author: Sherri Winston

    The Kayla Chronicles is a really cool book about a girl who's best friend pressures her to try out for a dance squad, (The Lady Lions). She is suppost to prove that the lady lions are selective when it comes to choosing their members. This turns out to be not the case when she makes the team.

    This is a good book, reading it might give you a boast to become a better person! It also is pretty entertaining and funny.

  • Movie Title: Fantasia

    It was cool

  • Movie Title: Johnny English

    The movie Jonny English is a great comedy! It has ausome photographs and ausome charactures. If you like Mr.bean than for sure you'll like this movie.

  • Title: Phoenix:A Tale of the Future

    Author: Osamu Tezuka

    Phoenix:a Tale of the Future is mind-bending. It is one of Tezuka's finest works.It changed my life.

    Nate, 12
  • Title: Welcome to Dead House

    Author: R.L. Stine

    I think people should start reading Goosebumps. They actually give YOU Goosebumps!! Just because Goosebumps are old books made in the nineties, doesn't mean you can't read them. So Pick up a Goosebump book ... if you dare...

  • Music: "See you Later Alligator" by Bill Haley and the Comets

    I like it! It makes me feel good!

    Oskars, 4
  • Movie:17 Again

    This movie was very good and all.

    Breanna, 9
  • Movie:Titanic

    I adored the movie Titanic. It made me cry and it made me laugh. I really liked the part when Jack helped Rose by helping her climb on a broken part of the Titanic. ( The door a broken door). That made me cry because Jack sacrificed his life just so that Rose can live. It was very cold when the Titanic sunk so that's why most of the people died. But, if it wasn't that cold most of them would have lived since they had life jackets on.

    Nawang, 11
  • Title: Warriors: Into the Wild

    Author: Erin Hunter

    This is one of the best books ever! It describes things in a cat's way of thinking. That is one of the things that make the story excellent. Rusty, a kittypet (house cat) dreams of eating mice. He joins a Clan of wild cats and faces things that happens to people - in a cat sort of way. He is an interesting character. This book is just one book from a collection of series. There are much, much more of these wonderful books to read!

    Syanth, 10
  • Title: The Mysterious Benedict Society

    Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

    A must read! It is a book about a few very smart children who are accepted into this society who must follow clues to find a Mr. Benedict.If you enjoy this book, you should read the second. I would only give the sequel a three-star though.

    Arieh, 8
  • Title: Junie B.Jones is almost a flower girl

    Author: Barbara Park

    This book is SO great.This time Junie B. wants to be the flower girl at her aunt's wedding.Her aunt has already chosen her flower girl and Junie B. has been chsen to be the alternate flower girl.The flower girl seems fine so all of the wedding goes on.

    Abigail, 10
  • Title: Skybreaker

    Author: Kenneth Oppel

    This is the best book you will ever read yet!!! It may talk about Airborn which is the first book in the series so you must read this as well!!!! If you are doing a book report, you must use this for your report!!

    MacDarrel, 12

Your Jokes

  • Q.Which dinoaur knows the most words?
    A. The thesaurus

  • Q. What do you call a guy with a rubber toe?
    A. Roberto

  • Q. Where is the best place to grow gardens?
    A. In Kindergarden!

  • Q. Where do fish get their money from?
    A. From the River Bank

  • Q. So you know who is the funniest?
    A. The funny bone!!!

  • Q. Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Leno who?
    Lena little closer and I'll tell you!

  • Q. Which bus did the bees go to?
    A. The school buzz-zzz.

  • Q. What do cats chase mice?
    A. They want their dinner to be purrr-fect!

  • Q. What do you call a three-humped camel?
    A. Pregnant!

  • Q. Why did the moose cross the road?
    A. The chicken was on cofee break!

  • Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Sorry, wrong address.

  • Q. What did the snowman eat for breakfast?
    A. Snowflakes

    Sri, 9
  • Q. Why did the pumpkin cross the road?
    A. Because he wanted to be squash!

    Callista, 4
  • Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A. Because he wanted to lay an egg

    Cyrena, 9
  • Q. What type of spa treatment that you can use in water?
    A. Aquapuncture!

    Maryama, 13
  • Q. Whats a rino with no horns?
    A. a hipo!

    Anna, 8
  • Q. Why do witches wear name tags?
    A. To know which witch is which!

    Kazi, 9
  • Q. What do you call a belt with a watch on it?
    A. A waist of time!

  • Q. What goes down but never comes up?
    A. Rain!!!

    Alexandra, 11
  • Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Boo who?
    Aww baby! Don't cry!

  • Q. Why did the hot mini marshmallow go to Minnesota?
    A.To get a mini soda.

    Ran, 9
  • Q.Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Radio who
    Radio or not, here I come

    Syeda, 12
  • Q.Why can birds fly?
    A.Because there eggs crack all the time

    Donny, 7
  • Q.Why was the pigeon absent from class?
    A.Because it was feeling under the feather

    Alan, 8
  • Q.What do you call an alligator in a vest?
    A.An inVestigator!!

    Syeda, 12
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Lettuce who?
    Lettuce in please, i am freezing
    Tyler, 8

  • Q.Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?
    A.Because she will let it go.

    Chivalry, 11
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Broccoli who?
    Broccoli doesn't have a last name!

    Tiffany, 7
  • Q.What's the hardest thing about falling out of your bed on the first day of school?
    A.The floor.

    Mishaal, 10
  • Q. What do cows do at a date?
    A.they watch a moovie.

    kunajeayan, 12
  • Q. Why did the lion cross the road?
    A.because the chicken was on vication

    Andrea, 8
  • Q. Why did the purse cross the road?
    A.Because the chicken was carying it.

    Reegan, 9
  • Q. What is the cardboard's favourite game?
    A.Board Games!

    Tiffany, 7
  • Q. What would the kitten say when she is joking with you?
    A.I'm just kittin!"

    Sanaz, 10, Markham
  • Q. Why was the math book sad?
    A.It had too many problems.

    Imaandeep, 8, Brampton
  • Q. What has 2 hands but cannot walk?
    A.A clock!!

    Fairooz, 10
  • Knock knock. Who's there?
    Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow wh--

    Olivia Diane, (London, England) 12
  • Q. What kind of jelly knows how to swim?
    A.A jellyfish!

    Michelle, 8
  • Q. Did you hear the joke about the roof?
    A.It went right over your head

    Raymond, 7
  • Q.What do flowers drink?
    A.A root beer

    Elliot, 8
  • Q.What do you call the king of measurement?
    A.A ruler

    Roel, 8
  • Q.what's orange and sounds like a parrot
    A.A carrot!!

    Harini, 9
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Ya who?


  • Q.Why are teeth related to trees?
    A.Because they both have roots!

    Rosalina, 12
  • Q. Will you remember me in four years? A. Yes.
    (four years later) Knock knock
    Who there?
    I thought you remember me!

    Emily, 8
  • can u tell if a clock is hungry? asks for seconds.

    Zach, 11

  • did my friend,not know about a story that i told her?
    A. beacause i didn't!.

    Vita, 8

  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Wooden who?

    Wouldn't you like to know?

    Izma99, 9

  • Why couldn't the pirate got to the movie?
    A. Because it was rated RRRRRR

    Maria, 8, Spain

  • Q. What does a mailman have for lunch?
    A. A stampwich

    Harini, 9

  • having children is hereditary. If your parents don't have any, chances are you won't either.

    Olivia, 12

  • Q. What is u+u?
    A. Double U

    Vilina, 8

  • Q. Why did the sock cross the road?
    A. because the chicken was wearing it

    Raniyah, 9

  • Q. Why was six afraid of seven?
    A. Because seven "ate" nine

  • Q. do you want to hear a dirty joke ?
    A. the horse fell in the mud
    Q. do you want to hear a clean joke ?
    A. the farmer washed the horse

  • Q. Why did the banana go to the doctor?
    A. Because he wasn't peeling very well.

  • Q. the letter T has a favorite drink what is it?
    A. T's favourite drink is tea.

  • Name a city you cant enter.

  • Q. A went walking outside in a park when suddenly it started to ran. Although the man wasn't wearing a hat and didn't have an umbrella he still came home without wet hair. How is this possible?
    A. He was Bald

  • Q. Why didn't the computer eat its sandwich?
    A. It already had a byte

    Jalen, 12
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Tank who?
    You're welcome.

  • Q. why did the square triangle and rectangle go to the gym?
    A. to stay in shape

    Dan, 9
  • Q. What is a squirrel's favourite ballet?
    A. The nutcracker

    Dan, 10
  • Q. Why did the boy's mouth get thrown in the garbage?
    A. He was talking trash.

  • Q. Why did the Dentist tiptoe to the pills?
    A. He didn't want to wake up the sleeping pills!

  • A man and his wife are sitting in a car. The wife says "Remember to stop at the red light,dear." The man says "Why do I? Don't I have to stop all the time because there is a red light at the back of the car?

    Hannah, 9
  • knock,knock
    who's there?
    cows say.
    cows say who?
    no,cows say moo!

    Nohra, 8
  • Q. Why did the dog wear a watch?
    A. Because he wanted to be a watch dog!

  • Q. why did the kid bring a king to school?
    A. because the teacher said to bring in a ruler

  • Q. What is a city you can't enter?
    A. Electri- city!

    Devarshi, 11
  • Ring, ring
    Who's there?
    Cash who?
    No thank you, I prefer peanuts!

    Clara, 7
  • Q. What did the potato chip say to the other?
    A. Shall we go for a dip?

    Lily, Peng Chau, Hong Kong
  • Q. How many months of the year have 19 days?
    A. All the months have at least 19 days.

    themiz205, 11
  • Knock Knock.
    Who's there?
    Boo who?
    Don't cry, it's only a joke!

    Jessica, 12
  • Q.What do you need for high school?
    A.A ladder

  • Q. You throw out my outside, you keep my inside, you eat my outside, you throw out my inside. What am I ?
    A. Corn
    you throw out the outside leafs,you keep the kernels, you eat the kernels, you throw out the cob.

    Sue, 12
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Fruit punch
    fruit punch who?
    Here is a fruit and here is the punch!

    Balinda, 9
  • Q.What can't 10 million muscular men carry?
    A.A bubble

  • Q.What did the tree say to the bird?
    A.Yo you fly

  • Q.What do teachers like to eat on Halloween???

  • Q.what is the soap of the ant ?
    A.the anti-bactiria soap!

  • Q. What's black and white and red all over?
    A. A newspaper!

    Elise, 9
  • Q. What goes both up and down but never moves?
    A. Stairs!

  • Q. How do you tell the difference between a squid's arms and legs?
    A. They're i-tentacle!

    Weirdo, 11
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Snow who?
    Snowbody but me!

    Trollie, 5
  • Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A. Because he wanted to get to his Mommy.

    Nolan, 8
  • Q. Which pirate was a kid?
    A. Captain Kidd

    Anonymous, 7
  • Q. What did the paintbrush say to the yellow paint?
    A. Care to take a dip?

    Michelle, 10
  • Can February March?
    No, but April May

  • There once was three tomatoes and one mommy tomato. All the four tomatoes were walking down the street. The mom tomatoe looked back and saw that one baby tomatoe was very far behind, she yelled ''Hurry Up!''. She looked back again, the same baby tomatoe was very, very far behind. She yelled again, ''Hurry Up!''. She looked back again and saw the same baby tomatoe was very, very, very far behind. She got really mad, walked up to her baby, jumped on her and said "KETCHUP!!!!!!!!".

  • Q: Why did cinderella get kicked off the soccer team?
    A.Beacause she kept missing the ball!

    Kayla,7, London
  • Q: What did the tomato say to the other tomato, while they were running down a field?
    A. "You go ahead, and i'll ket-chup" (catch up)

  • A pony goes to the doctor & says:" Hey, Doc.I have a problem. my throat really hurts."
    The doctor says:" You do seem a little hoarse!!!!" [horse!]

    Hailey, 10
  • Q One day a cowboy rode into town on Friday, stayed there for 3 days and left on Friday. How did he do it?
    A. His horse's name was Friday!

  • Q. Why was the tomato blushing?
    A. Because the salad was dressing.

    Azra, 11
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Justin who?
    Justin in case

    Clara, 7
  • Q. What's under a police mans bed covers?
    A. A under cover agent.

    Dallas, Angus, 8
  • Q. Why did the docter cros the road?
    A. To check on the chicken.

    Soniya, 13
  • Q. Why do worms like books instead of tape
    A. Because they will become tape worms.

  • Q. Why are computers mad at printers?
    A. Because their COPY_CATS!

    Raiyan, 9
  • There were two snowmen in a field and one goes "Do you smell carrots?"

    Ethan, 10
  • Q. What's the difference between a puzzle and a friendly alien?
    A.One come in peace and the other comes in pieces!!

    Brooke, 8, Toronto
  • Q. Why did a boy climb up the maple tree with his hockey stick?
    A. Because he wanted to play with the Maple Leafs.

    Thai Thai, 8
  • Q. Why did the tigers lose to the other contestants in a game?
    A.Cause the other players were such cheetahs! Get it? Cheat-ahs!

    Anonymous, 6, Markham
  • Q.What time is it when an elephant sits on your couch?
    A. Time to get a new couch!

    Jane, 10
  • Q. What did the skeleton say when he was gonna eat?
    A. Bone appetit!

    Charis, 13
  • Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Sarah who?
    Sarah doctor in the house?

    Losha, 8
  • Q. What do you get when you cross a cat with a lemon?
    A. A Sour - puss!

    Vyshvith, 12
  • Q. What's the coolest letter in the alphabet?
    A. The letter "b". It's because beside the letter b are 2 letters and those are a & c. Get it ? AC A= air C= conditioning

    Misha, 10
  • Q.What comes but never arrives?
    A. Yesterday.

    Thaabith, 9
  • Q.Who gives gifts to kid sharks?
    A. Santa Jaws!

    Nicholas, 9
  • Q. What did the mother rope say to the baby rope?
    A. Don't be knot-y

    David, 6
  • Q.what room has no doors, no windows, and no walls???
    A. A Mush -room!!

    Alex, 14, Aurora
  • Q. What subject did the witch get an A+ in?
    A. Spell-ing

    Maice, 10
  • Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Noah who?
    Noah good place to eat?

    Noah, 7
  • Q. What's a pig's fav game?
    A. Mud pie making!

    John 1/2
  • Q.What did the pencil without an eraser say to the pencil with a eraser?
    A. Don't rub it in.

    Soniya, 12
  • Q. Where do cats go on a field trip?
    To a meow-zeum.

    Aasmaa, 9