Ten Terrific Tips for Reading

  • A. Reading is Fun because it lets your mind escape, explore and travel. Plus a good story is always entertaining.
    B. Reading is Powerful because it gives you information and it opens up your mind to the world of knowledge.
    Are you an A reader or a B reader or are you both?
    Whichever type of reader you are, here are a few tips to help you enjoy reading more.

  • Read books that interest you.

    There are so many books to choose from at the library. Ask a librarian or check out our booklists if you need help.

  • Read what you like, how you like.

    You can read stories in a book or on a computer, ebook readers, portable multimedia players & smartphones to name a few.

  • Don't like fiction? Try reading non-fiction/information books.

    Read some interesting facts in the Guinness Book of World Records or Uncle John's Top Secret Bathroom Reader for Kids. Read about your favourite sports or music star. Check out our booklist: Fun Facts and Weird Science.

  • Read a little everyday

    Read at least 20 minutes everyday, to exercise your mind.

  • Mix it up

    Read diffferent types of materials. You don't eat the same food everyday, so why read the same format all the time. Try magazines, books, graphic novels, comics, e-books, online stories, blogs, etc.

  • Visit your public library

    Sign out books from the library. Check out what's new in books, music, DVDs and more. Use the computer and the Internet. Discover fun programmes and reading clubs.

  • Talk or write about what you read

    Share stories, ideas and thoughts about how a book changed your life or why you would recommend (or not recommend) a story to your friends. Or simply impress your friends with interesting things that you've read. Write a book review or read others. Comment on what the librarians have written in LOUD.

  • Pay attention when you read

    Find a place to read where you can concentrate on what you're reading. You can't really enjoy or understand your story if there are distractions that keep interrupting you or if you are doing 2 or 3 things at once.

  • You can read books more than once

    If you have a favourite story that you haven't read in a while, read it again. Is it the same as you remember it?

  • Reading should be fun.

    Give a book a chance. If, after reading a couple of chapters or about 25 pages, you still don't like the story, try another book. There are millions of books, stories and articles to choose from. You'll be able to find a lot of things to read that you'll like.

  • What? You really thought there would only be 10?

    Take part in some of the programmes offered at the library.

    • TD Summer Reading Club: The TD Summer Reading Club is a free programme  that takes place every summer. Each year there is a different reading adventure and everyone who joins the Club recives a poster and an activity book. As you read, you get special stickers. There are always programmes and activities, including author and illustrator visits, during  the summer. Children can explore the Club's website for more reading related fun. To join, you drop by your local library in the summer.
    • Book Clubs: (Ages 8-12) These programmes are offered in some libraries. Check What's On for details. 
    • Family Nights: Storytime isn't just for little kids. 
    • Leading to Reading: (Grades 2-6, October - May)  Children requiring help with reading and study skills receive individualized help for one hour per week. Space is limited.

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