Kids and the Library

Kids and the Library

  • The Toronto Public Library was created for kids.
  • Library Fines

    If books are late, then overdue fines are charged.
    On a children's card, 10¢ per item, per day There is a maximum fine of $4.00 per item on a child's card.
    Teens (13 - 17) 15¢ per item, per day
    Adults under 25 (18-24) 15¢ per item, per day
    Adults 35¢ per item, per day
    For maximum fines for cards other than children's, check here
    Avoid fines on library materials. Return them on time.

  • Library Programs & Events

    You have a lot to choose from when it comes to fun in the library. Some of your favourite authors may be coming to a branch near you. Or maybe you would prefer a cartooning workshop? Or how to babysit? Perhaps discover the magic of a storyteller. We have a wide variety of fun and informative programs for kids. Join us for author and illustrator visits,discovering coding,maker spaces, movies and much much more. Go to the Programs and Events page, find your local branch and look for Children's Programs for specific dates and times, or pick up a copy of What's On in your closest branch. Some programs require registration.

  • About the Library

    The Toronto Public Library is your library. It belongs to everybody.

    There are 100 branches in Toronto and most of them have a children's section. So why not check it out? The librarians and staff will be happy to help you, no matter what you're looking for. The library can help whether you:

    • want a good book or ebook or DVD or CD or other items
    • need help with the computer
    • want to research a school project

    Millions of Things to Choose From

    The Toronto Public Library has more than three million items for children, in the form of books and other stuff. Our librarians carefully choose all the materials, including:

    • Books in over 40 languages, in print, e-books & audio books.
    • DVDs, and CDs
    • Comics and Graphic Novels
    • Magazines
    • Items in Braille and sign language
    • Large-print books
    • Books on tape
    • Books and audio tape kits for beginning readers
    • Access to databases to help you find good books
    • Listen to a song by Bill Harley about all the things you can do at the library. (At Your Library by Bill Harley ©2005 Round River Records, used with permission

  • Kids' Space Workstations

    Almost every branch of the library has one or more Kids' Space Workstations for finding books, information and fun online. To keep surfers safe, we've put filters on the Internet at these Workstation computers. Filters are there to block sex, violence and hate sites. But filters aren't perfect, so learn how to protect yourself while surfing the Web. Find out how by reading My Rules For Online Safety or asking a librarian. Always talk to your parents or guardian if you see something on the Internet that bothers you.

    Please remember that Internet filters only work inside our libraries at Kids' Space Workstations. When you visit the Kids' Space website from home - or from one of our other computers - no sites are blocked. So surf carefully.

  • Special Programs for Kids

    Need help with your homework or reading? Be sure to visit your local branch and check out our Leading to Reading or Homework Clubs.


    24 hours a day, children can listen to stories over the phone in English, French,Gujurati, Urdu, Cantonese, Italian, Mandarin,Russian, Korean Polish, Portuguese, Tamil, Tagalog, Somali and Spanish. Dial-a-Story is for kids up to age 12. Dial-a-Story is available by calling 416-395-5400.

  • Library Cards

    Your library card is free and so is the library! Just bring your parents (or caregiver) and some I.D. that shows your name and address. Your parents have to sign your library card but the card is all yours. Then you can borrow from any library in Toronto, for free. A library card lets you borrow most books and CDs for three weeks, most DVDs for one week.

    Renewing and Reserving

    If no one else is waiting for them, you can renew items twice. Call 416-395-5505 or your local branch. You can also renew or place holds on books and other stuff through the Internet. For details on how to renew and reserve books online check out our Questions? Answers! section.

    Overdue Books

    When books and other items are late, then you have to pay overdue fines. It costs 10¢ a day for items on a child's card and more for items on other cards. See above for details. If your fines go up to $10.00, you won't be allowed to borrow items anymore.

  • Contests

    You know those contest results you've been dying to see the winners of? Well... You can click here and find out just what happened!

  • Got Something To Say?

    Tell us about a book, DVD, CD, website or video that you liked or hated! Give us your comments on the web page or the library. Just fill out the Your Say! form and send it off. Remember, just give your first name. Being net wise means you don't give out your last name. Tell us what you think now!

  • Kids Said it!

    Want to know some of the other interesting things your friends have been saying? Read jokes, reviews and other fun stuff in our You Said It! page.