Insects (entomology)

Insects (entomology)

Here are some Resources for the Insects (entomology) section.


  • Alien Empire

    An interactive site about insect biology and behaviour. Includes pictures, video clips, and puzzles. You will need shockwave and quick time 3 for the multimedia stuff.

  • All about butterflies

    Educational site covering butterfly anatomy, life cycle, classification, etc., with classroom activities for grades K-3, labelled diagrams and an illustrated dictionary.

  • Buginfo

    Website offers online information sheets on many North-American insects and insect topics.

  • Butterflies (Audubon field guide)

    Colourful pictures of butterflies, simple descriptions, and life cycle.

  • Children's Butterfly Site

    Colour photos of butterflies from around the world, information on life cycle, and activities.

  • Clemson University arthropod collection

  • Let's Talk about Insects (grades 4-6)

    Need information about insects? Well then buzz over to this link for a cool multimedia presentation about insects.

  • Monarch Watch

    Educational site on the life cycle and migrations of monarch butterflies, including data on tagging and tracking monarchs, classroom activities, and related articles.