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There is a lot of information available about Canada and the nations with which it trades and this pathfinder points towards some of the best. It will help you find websites, books, videos, databases and other resources. If you need more help, be sure to ask at your local library.

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  • Altapedia Online

    A combination atlas and encyclopedia, this site has the countries of the world with their major trading partners, industries, imports, exports and other useful information.

  • Infoplease - Countries of the World

    Check this site for a list of Canada's major trading partners, imports, and exports. This is also an excellent site for information, statistics and import/export information on other countries around the world.

  • Math League Help Topics

    Trouble understanding the statistics, charts and graphs? Visit Math League Help Topics. You'll find just what you need in kid-friendly language to better understand statistical information.

  • CDN International Commerce

    You can organize the information on this government website by imports, exports, looking at the whole workd or just the top trading partners.

  • CDN Statistics Canada

    Imports, exports and general trade information.

  • CDN Trading Around the World

    Do you have the skills to be a successful international trader? Play this game and find out.

  • CDN Trade Data Online / DonnĂ©es sur le commerce en direct

    Provides the ability to generate customized reports on Canadian and U.S. trade with over 200 countries.

  • CDN Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database

    Another Statistics Canada page, this one is intended for adults but you can search and compare Imports & Exports between Canada and other countries.

  • CDN Web-Based Student Learning Activity: Canada and Its Trading Partners

    This learning activity can be used online or printed. A resource for teachers.

  • The World Clock - Time Zones

    If it's two o'clock in Ottawa, what time is it in Toyko? For information on time zones around the world, visit the World Clock.

  • The World Factbook

    The CIA world fact book provides descriptive and statistical information about the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. Includes maps and flags. Updated annually.


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