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The Museums of Canada. Yours to visit 24 hours a day.


  • CDN Canadian Children's Museum

    You don't have to visit the museum in person to have fun there.

  • CDN Glenbow Museum

    This Calgary, Alberta museum offers online a small sample of the many items they display in their building. From military history to art, it's all there.

  • CDN Haida Heritage Centre

    The centre celebrates the living culture of the Haida.

  • CDN The Royal British Columbia Museum

    The science museum in Victoria, B.C. has a website with many online exhibits about Emily Carr, the Gold Rush, and 10 items that talk about British Columbia in the past and the present.

  • CDN Royal Ontario Museum

    More than just amazing dinosaurs. A place of science, the ROM does archaeological expeditions and brings us world-famous collections. There are children's programs too.

  • CDN Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute

    An online display and pictures of artefacts available in Cree, English or French.

  • CDN Royal Tyrrell Museum

    Canada's only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of palaeontology,to housing one of the world's largest displays of dinosaurs.

  • CDN Royal Saskatchewan Museum

    First Nations, Dinosaurs, a tour of the province and much more.

  • CDN Virtual Museum Canada

    Canadian stories and treasures from our museums. Plus, exhibits and multimedia games that explore our heritage.And it is all online!