Land and Culture

Land and Culture

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The Prime Minister,living in the Northwest Territories and people around the World.


  • Faraway places at your fingertips

    Culture, people, landmarks and geography of many of the world's countries.

  • People and Places

    Not all the countries of the world are here but a lot of them are.

  • CDN What is a Prime Minister?

    A fun video from TVO Kids

  • CDN Prime Ministers of Canada

    This website offers basic biographical facts on each of the Prime Ministers including their occupation.

  • CDN What is Consensus Government?:Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories

    Find out what Consensus Government is in the Northwest Territories and how it differs from other parts of Canada.

  • Nations of the World

    Quick facts and figures on many countries around the world.

  • BBC Country Profiles

    Check out the history, politics and economic background of these countries and territories around the world. This is an adult site but easy to use.