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Atlases, ecozones and biomes.


  • CDN The Atlas of Canada - Natural Resources of Canada

    Get maps, get Canadian facts and make your own maps.

  • CDN Canadian Geographic Kids

    Rocks, geography of Canada and even a time machine..

  • Geography for kids

    Choose from the 9 chapters on the atmosphere, the biosphere, or the hydrosphere to name just a few.

  • CDN Ecozones of Canada

    This adult site has a lot of useful information for children on the ecosystems of Canada. There are maps, pictures and all sorts of important facts.

  • Habitat/Biomes

    Information and pictures about the animals which live in various biomes. Includes climate and vegetation.

  • National Geographic Kids

    This fun site has it all - lots of games to play and things to learn. There are facts about animals, land, strange creatures and even science experiments.

  • Geography

    Pictures, online games and lots of videos to watch

  • World atlas: maps and geography of the world

    Need a map for your geography project? These free maps can be downloaded and used however you want.

  • The List

    The Biggest ocean,the smallest continent, the tallest mountain, the oldest countries, its all here.