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The history of your town all the way over to New France and Confederation.


  • CDN Toronto Celebrates Black History Month


    The City of Toronto's web page for Black History Month which celebrates the historical and present contributions of African Canadians.

  • All about Black History Month


    How the celebration got started, how it is celebrated in Canada and a few of the famous black Canadians.

  • Harriet Tubman


    This amazing woman helped slaves escape and was a spy for the Union Army.

  • CDN Viola Desmond


    Canada's own civil rights heroine.

  • CDN Black History Canada


    There is a lot of information about Canadian Black history here and links to other sites with even more. It is aimed at Grade 7 & up but younger kids can read it too.

  • CDN CBC Archives celebrating Black History


    Scroll down to "Celebrating Black History" to celebrate the achievements and adversity that black Canadians have had to overcome from the 1940s to present day, both in Canada and around the world.

  • I Have a Dream


    Listen to Martin Luther King Junior give his famous speech "I Have a Dream" and read along.

  • The KultureKidz : Black History A-Z


    Learn about African American culture. It has famous black inventors and peoples, cool historical timeline and great books.

  • PBS African American World for Kids


    Play the Find the Face game of your favorite African American heroes, send E-cards and meet kids!.

  • Seattle Times Special on Martin Luther King Jr.


    A story on Martin Luther King, Jr. by the Seattle Times.

  • Former President Barack Obama


    Learn about the Former President of the United States.

  • Michelle Obama


    Learn about the Former First Lady of the United States.

  • CDN Canada's History for Kids


    Check out Canadian history projects from children across Canada and test your knowledge about Canada with fun history games.

  • CDN The Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement


    When and why did people choose to come to Canada? How did they interact with the communities of people, both Aboriginal and immigrant, already living here? What traditions and beliefs did these different communities bring and share?

  • Digital Archive


    Looking for some cool old photographs to add to your report? These are free to use. From pioneers to Toronto to transportation to war, these images will show you what it was like.

  • America's Story from America's Library


    Sound and video clips as well as pictures and text bring the history of the United States alive. There is also information about the present day U.S.A.

  • CDN Confederation for kids


    How Canada became a country.

  • CDN Historic HBC


    The history of the Hudson's Bay Company from the search for the North West Passage, the North West Company to the present day. Explorers, the fur trade, trading, maps and more. Includes some comic books, Tales from the Bay.

  • CDN History by the Minute


    You've probably seen a Heritage minute on TV, in the classroom or at a movie theatre. Now there's a website where you can watch more than 60 of them as well as listen to radio minutes. There are also footprints- the stories of Canada's athletes and our sporting traditions through one-minute documentary films.

  • CDN A Snapshot of Ontario's History


    A quick look at Ontario's history.

  • CDN Ontario History Quest


    A student learning resource for Ontario's history from the 1820s to the 1970s. Includes primary documents such as pictures, pamphlets, speeches, wills, diaries, thematic maps, clippings, and more. Especially useful for students in grades 7 - 12.

  • CDN Vikings


    They lived in Canada? Tell me more!