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There is a lot of information available about ecozones and biomes and this pathfinder points towards some of the best. It will help you find websites, books, videos, databases and other resources. If you need more help, be sure to ask at your local library.

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  • Biomes of the World

    Brief descriptions of the major biomes including many illustrations and diagrams.

  • StudyJams: Ecosystems

    Videos, slides & music about biomes, ecosystems, weather, food chaims and more. Click on "See All related Jam's" for more content.

  • CDN Canada's Ecozones

    This adult site has a lot of useful information for children on the ecosystems of Canada. It lists the plants,the animals and other things that live in each.

  • CDN Explore Ontario's Biodiversity

    An online project created by the ROM and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, this site has field guides, species at risk, and guided online tours of the ROM collections.

  • CDN The Living Earth

    Examine ecosystems and learn about the creatures that live there at this exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre.

  • Mission: Biome

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate biomes, then test your knowledge about the biomes by completing each mission.

  • Ontario's Forests

    The 4 kinds of forest regions within Ontario and lots of forest facts.


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Find More at the Library

  • To locate more books, use the suggested call numbers, keywords, and phrases to search the library catalogue.
  • Call numbers to browse
    • 333.7 Natural resources and energy
    • 551.4 Oceans and water
    • 577 Ecology
    • 578 Living Organisms
  • Suggested subject headings for catalogue
    • Biomes
    • Biotic communities -- Juvenile literature
    • Deserts
    • Ecology
    • Ecology -- Juvenile literature
    • Forests
    • Plants
    • Rain forests
    • Rainforests
    • Tundra
    • Water, mountains, deserts
    • Wetlands

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