Living Things

Living Things

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Human bodies, growing plants and energy resources.


  • Kids' Valley Garden

    Learn how to plant flowers, shrubs, veggies and much more.

  • My First Garden

    Do you want to have a garden but don't know where to start? This will help!

  • Garden Greenies

    Cool projects and information about growing plants

  • The great plant escape

    Detective LePlant needs your help finding clues, doing activities, and investigating the world of plants. He promises lots of fun, but remember, there are mysteries to solve! So, students in grades four and five, prepare to do some sleuthing.

  • Study Jams: Plants

    Songs, videos and slides about all the parts of plants and how they work.

  • Coloring flowers [grades 4-6]

    Use coloured dyes to follow water up a plant's stem and into the petals. A biology experiment expecially for grades 4 to 6.

  • Energy Quest

    The website about energy sources, conservation, alternative fuel sources and the top energy scientists. Plus tips, puzzles and projects.

  • The Human Body

    Ready to learn more about the human body? Here, you can play the organs game and take the senses challenge!

  • Ontario's Forests

    Lots of facts about Ontario's Forests including how many trees there are and the most common tree.

  • Ontario's Forest regions

    Can you name Onatrio's 4 Forest regions?