Grammar & punctuation

Grammar & punctuation

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Dictionaries and other vocabulary builders. Some of them are fun!


  • CDN Spin A Tale

    Explore nouns and adjectives with this unique sentence-building game.

  • Fact Monster-Dictionary

    Another online dictionary to look up words quickly. Also includes activities for word lovers like the analogy of the day and daily word quiz.

  • Grammar Gorillas

    Gorillas get a banana when you identify the correct part of speech.

  • Interactive Grammar Games

    Choose the correct punctuation and launch it at the target sentence.

  • Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

    All sorts of vocabulary building games.

  • School House Rock- Conjunction Junction

    Sing along with this YouTube video as you practice And, Or, Not and other conjunctions.

  • Merriam Webster Word Central

    Look up words fast in this student dictionary and stump your friends with the daily buzzword.There are games to play as well.

  • MLA Elementary Citation Maker

    Whether you use the Internet, a book or some other source of information, you have to write down where you got it. This will show you how.

  • Wacky Web Tales

    Write your own wacky tale by filling in adjectives, nouns and verbs! Use the "Parts of Speech Help" to learn about the different parts of sentences and stories. Best for Grades 3 and up.