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Kids who enjoy learning about the environment - and the plants and animals that inhabit it - will want to learn more about Mother Nature. These websites are an excellent start.


  • CDN Ecozones of Canada

    This adult site has a lot of useful information for children on the ecosystems of Canada. There are maps, pictures and all sorts of important facts about the plants and animals that live there.

  • CDN Animals & Pets

    From kittens to flamingos to lions, this fun site has lots of pictures, facts and videos.

  • San Diego Zoo Videos

    Videos of some of the many animals at the world famous San Diego Zoo

  • CDN OwlKids: Animals

    Fun facts, cute pictures & more

  • Animal Videos

    Learn more about animals in the wild or in captivity.

  • Wildfinder

    Search for animals by place name, ecoregion or species.

  • Animals

    Games, videos and interesting facts

  • Zoom Dinosaurs

    An online book about dinosaurs which everyone can understand. You don't need a subscription to use it. Just scroll down to check the table of contents.