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This pathfinder points towards some of the best information about many different animals. It will help you find websites, books, videos, databases and other resources. If you are looking for a specific animal, try typing it in the search box at the top of the page. Also, be sure to ask at your local library for more help.

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  • CDN Animal Facts

    Facts about Canadian animals. Search by name or by province. Lots of information about habitats and behaviours.

  • Animal Info - Information on Endangered Animals

    An adult site with an index of endangered animals including their history and habitat. Photographs of the featured animals are also available.

  • Endangered Species Fact Sheets

    Information on over 50 species.

  • eNature - America's Wildlife Resource

    Lots of information about all kinds of animals, plants and trees. An adult site that includes lots of pictures of animals, plants and trees.

  • CDN Canadian Museum of Nature

    Build a beaver lodge, become a pika looking for food or do a dozen other activities about mammals.

  • CDN Species at Risk in Ontario

    The official list of endangered, threatened, special concern and extirpated animals and plants in Ontario.

  • ExZooberance

    A virtual zoo with webcams, free pictures of animals for downloading and lots of information.

  • Farm Animals Around the World

    Simple descriptions of farm animals and the jobs they do around the farm.You don't need a subscription to use it. Just scroll down to check the list of animals.

  • CDN Hinterland Who's Who / Faune et flore du pays

    Information about Canadian animals. Another adult site that includes pictures and habitat information. They even have webisodes about different animals.

  • Kids' Planet

    You'll know you're at the right place when you hear the call of wild animals. This site is alive with animal facts, beautiful pictures, games and other wild stuff.

  • Koko for Kids

    Lots of awesome information about Koko, the only talking gorilla in the world! Includes cool pictures and information about all gorillas.

  • Wild Kratts

    Let the Wild Kratts teach you about animals and their habitats from around the world. Includes cool videos and interactive games.

  • National Zoo (U.S.)

    The official website of America's respected National Zoo -- the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

  • CDN Species At Risk

    Search by province or species or animal name to find information about endangered species in Canada.

  • CDN Toronto Zoo

    Plants and animals on 287 hectares of land, right in the city. There are 7 geographic areas and more than 5,000 animals.

  • Wildlives: African Animals

    Elephants and cheetahs are here, but so are the bongo, the sitatungas and dozens of other animals.

  • Zoom Birds

    Flock over to this site if you need information on birds; includes everything from evolution of birds to anatomy description to extreme birds. Great for projects! You don't need a subscription to use it.


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  • To locate more books, use the suggested call numbers, keywords, and phrases to search the library catalogue.
  • Call numbers to browse
    • 590 Animals
    • 591.5 Animal behaviour
    • 591.7 Animal ecology
    • 591.9 Treatment of animals
    • 599 Mammals
    • 636 Farm animals and pets
  • Suggested subject headings for catalogue
    • Animals
    • Aquatic animals
    • Domestic animals
    • Endangered animals
    • Forest animals
    • Mammals
    • Mammals -- North America

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