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There is a lot of information available about classical composers and instruments and this pathfinder points towards some of the best. It will help you find websites, books, videos, databases and other resources. If you need more help, be sure to ask at your local library.

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  • CDN Arts Alive-Music

    Compose music, name that composer and other ways to learn about orchestral music, musicians and composers.

  • Composers

    Search for a composer alphabetically, by timeline, by country or by period

  • Atlas of Plucked Instruments

    An encyclopaedia of pluck instruments from a variety of lands and cultures.

  • Creating Music

    A place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles.

  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

    A world of musical fun and learning for kids.

  • New York Philharmonic Kidzone

    Take a tour of the orchestra and learn about instruments, musicians,and composers.There's even a games room.

  • SFS Kids-Fun with Music

    A fun, interactive site where you can hear and create music, and learn about the basics of musical instruments

  • Turntables

    Click on old or new school version to experiment with virtual turntables, scratching and lighting effects.

  • World Instrument Gallery

    Instruments from around the world, some with sound.






Audio, Video, and Interactive


Find More at the Library

  • To locate more books, use the suggested call numbers, keywords, and phrases to search the library catalogue.
  • Call numbers to browse
    • 780 Music
    • 782 Vocal music
    • 783 Music for single voices
    • 784 Instruments and their music
  • Suggested subject headings for catalogue
    • Brass instruments
    • Composers
    • Music-history and criticism
    • Musical instruments
    • Opera
    • Orchestra
    • Percussion instruments
    • Sound
    • Stringed instruments
    • Woodwind instruments

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