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The bang of the drums, the whistle of the flutes. Symphony and orchestral music, including some you can create yourself.


  • Sphinx Kids

    Listen to young students play various instruments, playing matching games and even watch kids from all over play in the orchestra.

  • New York Philharmonic Kidzone

    Take a tour of the orchestra and learn about instruments, music, musicians, composers and conductors. There's even a games room.

  • CDN Arts Alive-Music

    Compose music, name that composer and other ways to learn about orchestral music, musicians and composers.

  • Classical Net Composer Index

    An online index to classical composers including biographies and articles.

  • Classics for Kids

    Compose your own music, check your sense of rhythm and listen to clasical music online.

  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    A world of musical fun and learning for students.

  • San Francisco Symphony

    Hear, learn and have fun with music.