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Attention sports fans! Whether you want to play sports or just watch them, we have the websites for you.

Joke: Q. Why was it so cold in the Basketball arena?
A. Because of all the fans! sent in by Laiba, 10

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Professional Sports Sites

  • FIFA

    It's the FIFA World Cup!

  • American Women's Baseball

    Women's World Series, international baseball, a girl's page and more.

  • CDN Basketball Canada

    Canadian basketball around the world. The news, the scores, the excitement.

  • Basketball Hall of Fame

    The official website of the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • CDN

    The National teams, the players, playing tips and the Hall of Fame.

  • CDN Canadian Football League

    Follow your team, and every team in the league. Get all the news, scores and results from the weekly polls.

  • CDN The Hockey Hall of Fame

    Photos, statistics, memorabilia, interactive games and more stuff celebrating the hockey greats.

  • CDN Canadian Lacrosse Association

    The website for the National Field Lacross League

  • Major League Soccer

    Game calendar, history, news, statistics and World Cup updates on the official website of American Major League Soccer.

  • National Basketball Association Hoop Troop

    Follow the teams and the scores, play the games & watch the videos.

  • National Hockey League for Kids

    The kids' section of the official website of the NHL.

  • National Lacrosse League

    Follow the teams, the scores, the news.

  • CDN Canadian Women's Hockey League

    The CWHL represents the highest level of Women's league play in the world.

  • NFL Rush: The Official NFL Site for Kids

    An action-packed and colourful site with contests, polls, video highlights and more. Check out their great Internet Safety Page at the bottom too.

  • Sports Illustrated for Kids

    Get the latest sports news, check the scores and play virtual sports on the kids-only version of SI.

  • Toronto Blue Jays

    A website about the players, scoreboard, game schedule and other baseball stuff.

  • CDN Toronto FC

    Stats, standing, roster, and schedule. What more could you want?

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

    The official website of Toronto's NHL hockey team.

  • Toronto Raptors - Official Site

    What's happening with our Basketball team?

  • Toronto Rock

    For news, schedules and more about our lacrosse team.

  • The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea

    The Official website.The sports, the results, the medals, the countries.


    A whole website about Zambonis? Definitely. Read about the guy named Zamboni and other Zamboni history. You can even send Zamboni e-cards.

  • The Official Website of the Olympic Movement

    Get an indepth view of the Summer and Winter Games, the sports, athletes and much more.

  • Rio Olympics for Kids

    The athletes, games & activities and lots of fun information.


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